Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 21th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
The protect stops Diya’s own circle of relatives and say you aren’t allowed inside. Niharik says who’re they? The protect says they’re announcing they’re Diya’s parents. Love says hwo dare those reasonably-priced humans come right here. Niharika says our gaurds are sufficient for them. Kick them out. Shobha says we need to meet Diya. The protect says she can be able to come domestic quickly herself Mira says to Mohan allow’s move from right here. mohan says we need to meet our daughter. Mira says Arjun is there for her.

Madhuri says to Tina please fogive us. You are our daughter. Tina says no extra tears. So a whole lot came about on this house. But Arjun is married now. Let’s have a good time and welcome her. It’s a large day for Arjun. We have to all be part of his celebrations. Dadi says Tina is right. Do greh parvesh. Deepika does Diya’s arti. Diya’s foot hurts. Arjun says allow me assist you. Maa taught me a husband is his wife’s help. Let me help you. Dadi says go away your footsteps at the floor. Diya steps withinside the house. Arjun says are you able to step on it with out help? He says I might be with you. Diya enters the house. She says nobody desires to take delivery of me right here. I desire I could make an area in hearts of humans on this house. Dadi says take benefits from everyone.

Diya and Arjun contact Dadi’s feet. She offers them benefits. Madhuri steps back. Diya says maa.. Your forgiveness is a blessing for me. Please forgive me. Diya meets Deepika. Diya says to Niharika bhabhi.. She says name me Niharika. Dadi brings thier own circle of relatives bangle. She says MIL does it. Madhuri were given it for her DIL. This is her blessing. Arjun says don’t strain approximately humans right here Diya. We each married for badminton. Dadi offers her the bangle. Madhuri says she won’t move Arjun’s room. Deepika says in which will she stay? Madhuri says in any room. She won’t stay with Arjun. dadi asks deepika to take Diya to guestroom. Tina asks Arjun to relaxation as well.

Scene 2
Niharika says Tina you’re so kind. How did you emerge as this good? Tina says I will wreck her existence.

Deepika facilitates Tina with sitting. She says your foot is injured. Sit right here, allow me name a doctor. You might be fine. Diya says I am fine. It’s only a sprain. Deepika says you’re similar to Arjun. Let me get ice pack. You are part of this house. When I noticed you for the primary time I appreciated you. Never concept Arjun could marry you. You are fortunate to have a husband like Arjun. Diya says I am. He married me with out love. For humans badminton is only a recreation however it tied us together. Deepika says he’s very emotional and sensitive. His existence wasn’t easy. Give him time. You will apprehend him. Never go away his side.

The maids talk approximately the marriage and the drama going on. They say haldi mehndi sangeet with a person and wedding ceremony with a person. Arjun comes and says deliver me haldi. They get scared. He says I need chuna too. Diya remembers her wedding ceremony. Diya takes to the air the bangle. She takes to the air her jewelry. Diya says is that this wedding ceremony handiest primarily based totally on badminton? What approximately this marriage? Will he ever take delivery of me as his wife?

Episode ends


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