Rishton Ka Manjha

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Scene 1
Amitabj says take this cash and pass farfar from my son’s existence. Is this what your dad and mom stored my son for? Go farfar from his existence. Dadi says please don’t do this. DIL is the laxmi of the residence. He says this lady can’t be the DIL of my residence. Go from here, take all of the cash you need for my son. Arjun says enough. Arjun says I am now no longer surprised. A guy such as you handiest is aware of the cash and the way to shop for relationships. You don’t understand their importance. Your dialogues are like film villains. But instances have changed. You won’t. You are nonetheless the same. Everything is a commercial enterprise deal for you even the wedding ceremony. My wedding ceremony with Tina changed into additionally a commercial enterprise deal as well. So Mr. Agarwal all of us doesn’t stay for cash such as you. You in no way stood for me. Why losing cash for me now? You aren’t doing this for me. Amitabh says are you continue to blaming me? Your choice has ruined our lives. If this lady leaves and also you marry tina the entirety may be stored. Our commercial enterprise, recognition and own circle of relatives. Arjun says so that’s all you care approximately?

Madhuri says your dad isn’t incorrect. Everyone is thinking us. Our buddies and own circle of relatives are shaming us. Arjun says while did you begin speakme his words? Did you try and discover why I did it? Madhuri says you pay attention to me. This lady will smash our existence. She and badminton has blinded you. A existence associate doesn’t fill your existence with darkness. I begged her to go back my son to me. She took my son from me. I am telling you, you may’t discover a higher lady than Tina. Trust me please. Arjun says ou suppose it changed into for me? This guy isn’t a father, he’s a businessman. Didn’tyou inform her approximately the commercial enterprise deal? You had been promoting me to Tina so Mr. Singhal ought to finance you. This is all a drama. Tina changed into additionally the a part of his plan. She doesn’t love me. She desired me. I changed into her demand. There changed into in no way love. Madhuri says there’s no love on this dating either. How will you stay? How will you stay together along with her with out love? Arjun says there’s no shopping for and promoting on this dating. There’s respect. When I went to her wedding ceremony. I didn’t understand I could do this. I couldn’t permit her marry a goon. I needed to forestall the wedding ceremony. I changed into answerable for breaking her marriage so I took the responsibility. I will continually contend with her goals. You taught me a husband is a wife’s sky. I experience terrible for the promise I broke with you. But you instructed one proper component is higher than a hundred incorrect things.

Niharika says we need to visit Tina. Love additionally leaves. arjun says your recognition is long past however your pores and skin is glowing. Defeat is glwoing to your face. Dadi says Diya is the DIL of this residence now. Nothing could extrade that truth. Arjun you probably did some thing massive. You broke our trust. And you all.. The DIL won’t stand at the door. We need to do her greh parvesh. Prepare for it. Diya says no.

Scene 2
Love and Niharika pop out and ask media to depart. He says live calm please. Before we name the police. Niharika says how do we preserve ignoring them? Love says we need to kick that Diya out of Arjun’s existence and this residence.

Diya says I can’t begin my existence via way of means of hurting your own circle of relatives Arjun. What you’ve completed for me. I will go back it via way of means of being a terrific player. I can’t stay a existence via way of means of hurting your own circle of relatives. I promised your mother to preserve you farfar from me and badminton. I couldn’t preserve my promise. I don’t thoughts what they’re announcing. It’s my fault and I won’t need to copy that mistake via way of means of doing greh parvesh. Arjun says Diya, we each did this wedding ceremony. How can you make a decision leaving this residence alone? Your goals are the muse of this wedding ceremony. I won’t can help you pass everywhere with out pleasing your goals. Diya says in coronary heart our wedding ceremony is handiest primarily based totally on my marriage. There’s no different thing of it. arjun says I don’t care approximately it then why are you leaving it after some words? If that is your choice then you may pass.

Tina comes. She says no. This is residence is Arjun’s and Tina’s as well. You each won’t depart this residence. Love says permit’s pass. Tina need to be here. Mohan and his own circle of relatives come as well. Niharika says that is Diya’s own circle of relatives proper? Now we need to cope with such human beings. Love says they shouldn’t input this residence. Insult them so terrible that they in no way come back.

Amitabh says what are you announcing Tina? How are you able to be given her? She has harm you a lot. Tina says I am harm now no longer seeing Arjun with me. we couldn’t get his factor of view. It wasn’t a small choice. We are seeing a small choice has harmed our recognition. But his one choice stored Diya’s existence from being ruined. There are some human beings like Arjun. I nonetheless love Arjun and I am happy with him. Don’t be unhappy aunty. You desired him to be accountable. See how accountable he’s and taking reponsibility of Diya and her goals. If he had been with me, you won’t see him that way. Madhuri says what are you announcing? You’re taking aspect of the lady who took your place? Tina says Arjun doesn’t love Diya. She doesn’t count to him however due to her goals he married her. If situations had been different, he won’t have married her. Arjun is mine and could continually be. I suggest my friend, my well-wisher. I actually have generic it. Diya is Arjun’s wife. I need you all to just accept Diya as well. Let this anger be. We motive damage in anger to ourselves or our own circle of relatives. Who is aware of Arjun may discover his happiness in Diya’s happiness. This 2nd inninigs is probably fortunate for him. Give Diya a chance. Madhuri says you’re harm the maximum and also you’re telling us all this? How do you’ve got got this type of massive coronary heart? We are all of your culprit. I can’t even see you in the attention due to shame. Please forgive us. Tina says in coronary heart I won’t forgive you or Diya. I will smash her existence. For that, she has to live on this residence.

Epsiode ends.
Precap: Ganeshji says to store Swarglok Gods he has to do some thing with assist of Mata Kamyaksh who will display him the proper course. Mata Kamyaksh tells Ganeshji she can be able to display him the proper course which he’s going to comprehend in his manner in the direction of attacking Narkasoor.


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