Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun says make an apology to Diya. Give her dignity again to Diya. Amitabh says I am sorry Diya. Diya says no papa, please don’t say sorry. Just please in no way decide anyone’s man or woman via way of means of their wealth. We had much less cash however lifestyles turned into in no way incomplete. Tina I knew Niharika doesn’t like me however I constantly taken into consideration you my friend. I felt so horrific for you. I constantly prayed that allows you to get all of the happiness withinside the global and I nevertheless need the same. But I am now no longer responsible anymore. She says Arjun they did it due to the fact they don’t like me. Let’s stop it. They aren’t horrific. Arjun says it’s now no longer over. You have to pass and rest. Diya says however.. Arjun says pass. Depika takes Diya to her room.

Mr. Sinha leaves the jewelry. Niharika says I haven’t any trouble with Diya I did it for Tina. Arjun says to Tina you desired a relation among us right? It’s there now, a hate. Tina says no Arjun. She sits down and cries. Tina says I can’t see hate for your eyes. I made a mistake. Everyone insulted Diya due to me. When I see her I see my incomplete love. That I did do you. Because of you my lifestyles and destiny had been ruined. I deliberate my entire lifestyles with you however you held her hand. You felt so horrific for her however I am additionally a human. I turned into sincerely harm while you left me for her. You had been mine and then you definitely have become a dream. I felt like a person took my lifestyles and existance for me. I can stay like this however please don’t hate me. Arjun leaves.

Scene 2
Depika says to Diya get prepared for the pooja. Everyone is expecting you. Diya says I don’t experience like it. I need to be alone. Depika says Tina is has left. Ma turned into sincerely mad at her and he or she stated Tina will in no way come again to this residence. Tina is on her way. She says I am satisfied all people were given to realize the truth. I turned into completed gambling from in the back of and faux being nice. I will assault from the front and you’ll remorse the day you took Arjun from me. Now you notice Diya what I do. She calls Karan and says in which are you?

Depika says I realize Diya you’re very harm. You are the DIL of this residence. The pooja is incomplete with out you. Please come. Bannu comes and says Arjun has requested Diya to percent her luggage. Depika says what? Diya says how can he go away the residence? I promised maa I will in no way allow darkness come to Arjun’s lifestyles and now I am being the cause for him to go away the residence. Bannu says he’s locked himself. Depika says no person talks to him while he locks himself. Let me speak to maa. Diya is concerned.

Scene 3
Kush packs the luggage and asks the servant to take it to the visitor residence. Niharika says Kush I am sorry. Please forgive me. Tina did all this. He says close up. Enough now. Shut up. Your drama won’t paintings on me. I advised you I will now no longer forgive you. Leave me alone. Our paths are exclusive now. Kush leaves in anger. Niharika says he higher go away. Diya did all of this. Everyone is in opposition to me now. I will ought to faux to be nice. It will take time however I will do it.

Scene 4
Tina says to Karan I need to kill that Diya. Arjun hates me due to her. Karan offers her a pitcher and says calm down. She says I can’t. She breaks the glass. Tina says you stated you’ve got got a plan. I will assist you. He says I idea you will do it in that residence. But now.. He indicates her a bottle. Tina says what’s this? He says their destruction. History is gonna repeat itself.

Diya is concerned for Arjun. Arjun involves her. He says allow’s pass. Diya says in which? He says didn’t Parvati inform you? I don’t wanna stay here. Why didn’t you percent? Diya says we aren’t going anywhere. This is our family. Things like this happen. He says you need to stay on this residence in which you had been referred to as a thief? We won’t go away the residence. Diya says ok then I will go away you live here. He says that’s now no longer possible. Diya says all people will destroy in case you go away this residence. Arjun says the maximum essential issue is that allows you to win. How can your desires satisfy here? one issue after any other occurs here. It’s camp from day after tomorrow. We married to your dream. You have to recognition there however you’re being a very good DIL. They will make you loopy and need you to lose. I won’t allow that happen.

Tina says what’s this? Karan says the drug that were given Arjun banned. If you blend it in Diya’s blood, she can be able to in no way be capable of play badminton. tina says how do we do that? We can’t even agree with Niharika. She blamed all of it on me. Niharika calls her. She says I won’t speak to her. Karan says speak to her. We want her assist. Tina selections the decision and says what now? Niharika says I am so sorry. I had no option. I needed to live on this residence. I had to mention it however I nevertheless love you. I desire you had been here. Kush is sincerely mad at me. I hate Diya even greater now. Tina says I am sorry I were given you wrong. Only you’re mine in that residence. We can take our revenge. I actually have left the residence however you’re nevertheless there. She tells her the plan. Niharika says completed. I will stop her plan. Tina says I will inform you the subsequent step.

Episode ends

Precap-Amitabh says on call, he says Karan were given Arjun trapped faux drug case. I ddin’t guide Arjun. Because of you I stood with Karan. Diya hears, she’s shocked. She says meaning papa knew everything. How ought to he try this to his son..


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