Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun packs Diya’s bag. He says is it hurting plenty? You may be fine. Let me name the doctor. Diya can’t walk. Diya says your own circle of relatives will by no means receive me. Your mother requested me to hold you farfar from badminton. They will all hate me. I introduced you to badminton and then you definitely married me. arjun says this court, you received a suit right here. You idea it’s not possible to win but you did. She says due to your support. He says I will cope with matters there too. Arjun packs her bags.

Dadi says to Deepika we must do Diya’s greh parvesh. She is married to Arjun. Deepika says maa may be very mad. Deepika says what approximately Tina? Dadi says she can be able to must receive the fact. Diya is the DIL of this residence. Arjun says permit’s go? What are you thinking? She says not anything. Arjun says if it hurts plenty permit me recognise. Diya can’t walk. Arjun says wait.. He choices her. Diya says what are you doing? He says you can’t walk.

Scene 2
Madhuri says there may be no greh parvesh. Deepika says ma please.. Madhuri says do you furthermore mght need to show there’s no significance of what I feel? Who requested you to put together for all this? Dadi says I did. Don’t be mad at her. You didn’t concentrate to me either. Madhuri says in case your son did this what might you do? Nikharika says we can do this center magnificence lady’s greh parvesh? Dadi says she’s our DIL now. Niharika says Tina will lose her mind. Ammitabh says there may be no greh parvesh. love says papa we misplaced that massive project. Karan took our project. Amitabh says she hasn’t entered the residence and we’ve already began out losing. There may be no greh parvesh.

Arjun is available in and says don’t prevent it dadi. He has picked Diya. The media is outside. They document Arjun has entered the residence together along with his spouse. Arjun stands at the door. Dadi says Deepika the bride is on the door. Start greh parvesh. Amitabh says what are you doing ma? She says prevent. She takes the arti and says Madhuri will do it. Amitabh says Madhuri received’t do it. Madhuri walks numb. Amitabh says prevent Madhuri. Madhuri does Diya’s arti in anger. Dadi says don’t you recognize you’re doing arti the incorrect side? It isn’t good. Arjun says ma.. Madhuri says there’s not anything blessed with this wedding ceremony.

Scene 3
Mohan is on his manner with Shobha and Mira. Shobha says we shouldn’t visit their place. Mohan says I want to peer Diya. His own circle of relatives received’t receive Diya. As her dad and mom we want to be there for her.

Madhuri says sorry maa. i by no means stated no to you however that ritual can’t be performed wherein your agree doesn’t align. The wedding ceremony rituals are basis of a marriage. There can’t be any prayer for this compelled courting from my heart. I don’t receive this wedding ceremony. Arjun says maa please. I married Diya with out telling you. I recognise you’re harm however I didn’t do it intentionally. I by no means idea this may manifest however she’s my spouse now. Madhuri says wow you’re a accountable husband now? But I am sorry this lady can’t be the DIL of this residence.

Only Tina may be the DIL of this residence. You have misplaced your mother with all this however I am supplying you with one remaining chance. If you take care of your mother a bit then repair your mistake. There’s nonetheless time left in 10. Marry Tina. Only she may be my DIL. Arjun says I don’t care what humans say approximately me however you’re pronouncing this approximately me? Madhuri says how am I wrong? Arjun says Diya and I are married now. She’s my spouse and nobody can extrade that fact. Amitabh says the fact can extrade.

Love convey it. Love brings a briefcase. Amitabh says my son made a mistake and I am prepared to pay its rate. He suggests cash to Diya. Amitabh says that is sufficient for the error my son did. The rate to head farfar from my son’s life. Your dad can’t make it despite the fact that he works all his life. Your dad and mom trapped my son for the identical right? My son fell for right here so right here’s the rate.

Episode ends

Precap-Diya says I can’t harm your own circle of relatives and begin a brand new life. It’s my fault. I don’t need to copy that mistake via way of means of going reh parvesh.


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