Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Pandit ji asks for the plant life. Madhuri says get the plant life Depika. Depika says Diya has them. she can be able to deliver them. Arjun comes downstairs. Dadi says Diya introduced Arjun took. Arjun says I got here for maa. Madhuri says and your mother could be very happy. Tina says allow me see Diya. Amitabh says she ought to have introduced the plant life already. Arjun asks wherein is she? Dadi says she ought to be operating out. Love says she’s nowhere. The maids say we’ve now no longer visible her. Amitabh says wherein is she? Arjun says she might be right here don’t worry.

Scene 2
Depika involves the shop and says the plant life are ruined. Madhuri says how? Depika says I don’t recognise however they’re smashed. Amitabh says you relied on her. Madhuri says wherein gets the plant life from. The time is going for walks out. Niharika says she musy have left the plant life irrepsonsibly. Madhrui says how ought to you be so irresponsible? I shouldn’t have allow her come to the pooja. Niharika says what is going to appear now?

Amitabh says pandit ji we’re sorry. Arjun says wherein did Diya go? Let me name Diya, she ought to have long gone to her region. Madhuri says due to that lady we won’t do pooja. There’s shortage. It’s nine already. Pandit ji says now no longer doing pooja might be a curse. Diya is available in and says the pooja won’t be incomplete. Diya is available in with the plant life. Madhuri says due to you our pooja might have been left incomplete. Arjun says wherein had been? Dadi says allow her breathe. Diya says bhabhi those are 108 plant life. Mahduri says how did the plant life ruin? Where did you go? Diya says allow’s do the pooja first. Dadi says she’s right.

Arjun asks Diya what happened. Why didn’t you inform me earlier than leaving? Diya says I couldn’t waste time. I noticed them smashed at 4. Kush instructed me. Kush stated we can’t waste time. Let’s visit locate them. Diya and Kush checked all of the markets. The plant life had been nowhere. Diya requested all of us withinside the market. She changed into worried. She prayed on the temple. A lady got here to promote them. She tells Diya wherein can she get 108 plant life from. But she says it’s far. Diay says I can stroll there. She ran to the region. The region changed into a overdue of lilly plant life. Diya plucked plant life from there.

Episode ends.


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