Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Diya says I am so hungry. Now I can’t even devour reason it’s now no longer time. She alternatives a samosa. Diya says must I devour it? Door knocks. Diya says who should it be? She opens the door. It’s Arjun. Diya says you.. He says this.. your meals. She says however you stated I can’t devour late. Arjun says you could devour for now. You should manage your hunger. Eat and sleep. We should workout withinside the morning. diya says did you devour? He says your education goes on now no longer mine. You despatched bhabhi. You concept you won’t devour, I won’t devour either? Take out this normal spouse mind out of your mind. The courting that we’ve got is beacuse of badminton? Diya says handiest badminton? He says devour the meals and sweets. Arjun leaves.

Scene 2
Niharika involves the store. Diya is insinde the temple. SHe elaves. Niharika says I will see in which you get the plant life from. SHe tears the plant life. Niharika says how will dadi guard you now. She squishes all of the plant life and leaves.

Diya says he’s now no longer as sour as he pretends to be. Should I move and spot what’s he doing? Is he consuming again? Diya is going to test the plant life as well. Niharika involves Tina and tells her how she ruined the plant life. Tina is happy. Tina says what if she says to anyone which you ruined the plant life. Niharika says I didn’t assume that. Let me repair the plant life. Tina says you could’t. Why are you so stupid.

Scene 3
Arjun is consuming in his room. He says Diya requested me now no longer to drink however why must I pay attention to her? He is set to drink however stops. Arjun says however I am thirsty. Where’s water. Diya comes and sees the drink on his desk and glass in his hand. Diya says he in no way listens. I requested him now no longer to. Diya says Arjun.. He says you didn’t sleep? Diya says supply me the glass. Stop consuming. Alcohol isn’t a very good thing. Throw it away. What are you thinking? He says you must drink? She says in no way. Arjun says this drink may be very expensive. We can’t drain it. Diya says live farfar from me. He makes her drink. Diya says alcohol tastes much like water? Arjun says that is water. You overreacted with out asking. Diya says sorry. I concept you had been consuming. He says move and sleep. There is lots of labor tomorrow. Diya says you must sleep too. Tomorrow.. He says what tomorrow? Your hints won’t paintings on me now. I won’t be a part of the pooja. Don’t try and deliver me on this pooja. Diya says okay. I won’t lie or make a plan. Arjun says move sleep plaese.

Diya says allow me move to test the plant life. Arjun says allow them to be. They might be the same. Go and sleep. Niharika hears it. She says thank God.

Scene 4
Diya receives equipped for the day. She wears her exercise footwear and works out. Diya recollects what Arjun stated.

Episode ends.


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