Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Amitabh calls Khush and inquires as to whether he got the wedding cards planned? Khush says I will attempt to make it happen. Amitabh says when will you begin assuming liability? Khush says I am heartbroken, I will get it down. Amitabh says you need to send gifts with welcomes, don’t do any slip-ups. You can’t deal with the business so basically do this. Niharika says Khush isn’t keen on Business, you and Love handle everything. Madhuri, Tina and Deepika return home. Amitabh inquires as to whether she gave her the gift? Madhuri says she didn’t take it, said that a gift isn’t needed for making a difference. Amitabh says these working class individuals’ honor is everything to them. Niharika inquires as to whether they became acquainted with what’s happening among Arjun and her? Deepika says that young lady is getting hitched on fourth October. Niharika says that is nice to know. Arjun comes there and analyst Madhuri’s central goal fizzled. He advises her to not keep an eye on him this much. Madhuri says we just went to say thanks to her. Arjun says without advising me? Madhuri says she helped Dadi so I went to give her the gift. Arjun says you offer gifts out of adoration or then again in the event that you need something as a trade off, you don’t cherish her so for what reason did you go to her home? All of you met her however allowed me to reveal to you she just loves her dad and her fantasies. He begins leaving yet Tina stops him. She says we need to get ready for the wedding, how about we go out on the town to shop. Arjun says Maa knows what I like. He leaves from that point. Amitabh requests that Tina not take pressure, all will be well. He leaves. Deepika asks where is Love? Khush says he left for work. Madhuri and Deepika leave. Tina says that young lady is brilliant, I shared nothing in my life. She is standing out enough to be noticed from Arjun so she needs to pay for it. She advises Niharika to welcome her to their sangeet work.

Arjun is going out. He calls Diya and inquires as to whether she conversed with her eventual spouse? Diya says indeed, he gave me authorization, I can play badminton after marriage. Arjun says that is extraordinary. Prepare and come meet me. Try not to be late. Diya says at the present time? Arjun says we should begin as ahead of schedule as could really be expected. We should begin the training as time is significant, be there. He closes the call.

A man is following Arjun and calls Karan. Karan gets some information about Arjun’s whereabouts. He says alright and follows him.

Diya says how might I take off from the house? This Arjun is insane. Baba told his mom that I will not meet Arjun however I need to prepare. She comes to Meera and says I need to go out. I asked Ajit and he allowed me to play badminton, he is supporting me. Meera says what regarding your dad? Diya says he will not know, simply be my ally till the wedding. Meera says fine yet watch out. Diya says OK. Meera inquires as to whether she will meet Arjun? Diya gets strained and says yes. Meera says your dad dislike it. Diya says he is my coach. Meera says you guaranteed your dad to not meet him. Diya says I recall my guarantee, simply trust me. Meera says fine, guarantee me there will not be any dramatization in the coming 20 days. Diya says I guarantee. She leaves.

Arjun is driving while Karan’s covert agents are following him. Arjun sees a vehicle following him. He shows up at the spot. Diya comes there and sits in his vehicle. The covert agent calls Karan. Arjun discloses to Diya that you need to deal with your time. Diya says where are we going to rehearse? Arjun says you will see. You denied Maa’s gift? Diya says I don’t think I need a present for aiding somebody. Arjun drives away with her. The government agent follows them and calls Karan. He says Arjun is with Diya. They are heading off to some place. Karan says to be on the call and follow them. Diya reveals to Arjun that it’s a fantasy to play badminton once more. God has given me a way once more. When will we reach? Arjun sees the vehicle following them and doesn’t respond to her. He takes a turn so the covert agent loses him. He calls Karan and says we lost him. Karan says he was on the dirt road? I’m coming there. He closes the call and says I will not extra Ragu Kaka today.

Arjun carries Diya to the court Ragu Kaka orchestrated them. Everything is tossed around there. Diya gets pitiful seeing the spot. Arjun gives her the brush and says you need to tidy everything up. Diya says me? Arjun says you need to make your own jungle gym. I will proceed to get changed, your time begins now. He leaves.

Karan shows up at the spot and meets his covert operative. He asks where did he go? The covert operative says we lost him. Karan says this way goes to the institute. I know where he went.

Diya is cleaning the court. She gets drained yet continues to wipe.

Karan comes outside the court and says Arjun is a restricted player so he can’t enter there. I will affront him today.

In the court, Arjun comes there in the wake of changing and requests that Diya mop quick. He continues to arrange her to do it quick. Diya attempts to spotless as quick as possible. Arjun advises her to procure her training. Karan shows up there and says Arjun your game is finished. Ragu is dazed to see him and asks what was the deal? Karan requests that his men search for them. He discloses to Ragu that you are attempting to trick me? Where is Arjun? Ragu says for what reason could he come here? Karan says simply reveal to me where right? His man says Arjun and Diya are not here. Karan yells where did they go then, at that point? Karan discloses to Ragu I will not extra you in the event that I discover Arjun here.

The scene closes.


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