Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
The host says we’re begin the 0.33 set of this match. Arjun says come on Diya. You can win this. diya struggles with Saree. The referee is being unfair. Arjun says what are you doing? This changed into in line. Diya defeats Ria withinside the subsequent point. Diya slips due to the oil. Her foot receives injured.

Amitabh says your son has married that lady. We stopped him a lot however he went to her. Now he may go away this residence. Madhuri says he higher. I don’t take delivery of that lady and this marriage. I won’t allow her input this residence. No one goes to offer her vicinity on this residence or their thearts. Deepika says what’s going to occur with Arjun brings her domestic after the match?

Scene 2
Sanjev says to Tina thank God we introduced you right here on time. Why did you deliver your self a lot ache. I will carry him to the mandap. He can’t wreck your heart. Love says he’s going to should marry you. Tina says I nevertheless love him, you all won’t be harsh on him. Please ask your guys to return back again. He says as you wish. Take care. Tina says I will destroy Diya’s life.

Arjun runs to Diya and says are you okay?It’s a sprain. He ties a fabric round her food. Arjun says Arjun get out of the courtroom docket. You are a banned player. He says Diya is injured. Karan says there’s a physician for that. You’re now no longer allowed in the courtroom docket. Arjun steps out. Diya receives up. Arjun nods at her. Diya says no ache can prevent me from gambling this match.

Madhuri says what need to I do? Get out of the room and spot the visitors searching at me with questions? Dadi says Deepika you pass and spot the visitors. She says Madhuri cope with your self. Accept the truth. Diya is Arjun’s spouse and this residence’s DIL now. MAdhuri says what? Because of her we’re on this situation. Tina is in hospital. She stated she can be able to pass farfar from Arjun and she or he married him. Dadi says who stated Bengali lady can’t study rituals? All MILs educate their DILs like I taught you. Life isn’t for your control. You can’t alternate the destiney. Think approximately you. We did the entirety to prevent Arjun from going to her however we couldn’t. Arjun hasn’t drank on account that she got here to his life. MAdhuri says due to her he went again to badminton. I will by no means take delivery of that lady.

Scene 3
Diya receives every other point. She is at 17 and Ria at 12. Karan begins offevolved getting angry. Everyoen cheers for Diya. She wins the final point. Everyone stands up and claps for Diya. Arjun receives teary. Karan is angry. Diya wins the match. Arjun hugs Diya. Diya cries. Arjun says properly achieved.

Scene 4
Mohan is concerned for Diya. He says I don’t recognise what’s going to occur while Diya is going to Arjun’s vicinity. How will they behave with her? Mira says his mother by no means appreciated Diya. Mohan says I actually have entire believe in Arjun. But I don’t recognise if his own circle of relatives could take delivery of her. Kaki says I stated the equal. They will by no means take delivery of her. Arjit changed into higher than Arjun. Marriage can handiest paintings if it’s achieved withinside the equal class. Ajrun won’t say a phrase in the front of his mother while she kicks Diya out. Mira says the entirety could be fine. Arjun is with Diya. Kaki says how properly do you already know him? He broke his very own wedding ceremony too. He can go away Diya as properly. The entire international noticed what occurred right here.

Diya says Arjun we won. She cries. Arjun says you probably did it Diya. Congratulations. You defeated Karan. Arjun seems at Karan. Arjun says you organized the entirety properly. Money, power, protection and a majority of these efforts all went in vain. The oil which you placed on the courtroom docket didn’t paintings either. Now use that oil someplace else. I suggest the academy doorways are noisy. five years in the past you bought be banned from badminton. Today is the solution to that day. That my spouse, Diya Agarwal gave to you through prevailing this match. So Karan Mathur.. I am again. And this time I am now no longer alone. Diya is with me as properly. She will educate you a lesson. She will win country championship as properly. You can’t prevent Diya from prevailing. So see you withinside the subsequent match. Don’t cry while you pass domestic. Stop this lady in case you can. They go away.

Episode ends.

Precap-Amitabh says this lady isn’t even domestic but and horrific information have began out coming in. No one will do her greh parvesh. Arjun is available in conserving Diya and says welcome us Dadi.


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