Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun says have you ever forgotten the rules? Karan says the time is up. She has to play on this costume. Karan says you’ll be defeated nowadays Arjun. I can have a laugh once I see your face whilst your spouse loses. He says to Ria be careful. Arjun says it’s all my fault. Karan is plotting all this. He wishes you to lose. How will you play in a saree? Diya says I can. I actually have practiced in shalwar kameez. I can’t lose due to this small reason. My strategies which you taught me will paintings instead of clothes. I can play and win even in a saree. The first set starts. Arjun says Diya you could do this. You can win. All the best.

Scene 2
Tina is rushed to the hospital. Sanjev says if something takes place to my daughter I won’t permit any of you live. Love says uncle all of us desired Tina and Arjun to marry. No one knew this will happen.

Karan says now see how Ria defeats Diya. The fit starts. Diya performs properly in spherical 1 however Ria maintains getting points. Arjun says you need to win Diya. Fight back. Calm down. You can do this. Diya struggles with the saree. Karan says his spouse will lose nowadays now no longer simply his student. That may be his loss.

Scene 3
The medical doctor says the wound wasn’t deep. She may be fine. Tina says to the medical doctor you’ve to inform every person it’s deep. It ought to kill me. You gets properly profit. The medical doctor agrees. Tina says I can’t lose. You will lose the fit of existence with me.

Diya panics. Arjun cleans her face. He fixes her saree. He ties it round so it doesn’t trouble her. Arjun says calm down. Recall the practice. You can do this. Round 2 starts. Diya remembers her practice.

Scene 4
Amitabh comes home. MAdhuri asks how is Tina? He says the reduce became deep. She can be vital however she’s fine. Amitabh says what approximately the wound on her heart? How will she be given Arjun married that low elegance girl? Madhuri says arjun will married to tina only. I will carry him.

Diya playys properly. Arjun says recognition Diya. Everyone claps for Diya. Karan is worried. He says why isn’t Ria searching at me? Diya wins spherical 2. Arjun says properly done. Karan won’t allow you to win. Karan waves at his guy. Arjun says don’t get distracted. Only recognition at the game. Get up. They mop the ground and positioned oil on Diya’s side.

Episode ends.

Precap-Diya slips due to the oil. Her foot receives injured. Arjun says Diya are you okay? Karan says Arjun out of the court.


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