Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun says Diya consume something. You will want energy. Forget approximately what took place. Focus at the healthy. Your profession and our lifestyles relies upon in this healthy. I will cope with my duties simply be there to assist me. They get out of the car.

Amitabh says to dadi and Madhuri it took place due to you. Give him greater leverage. Love says a few made the video of Arjun doing the drama at Diya’s wedding ceremony and marrying her. It’s viral. Everyone has visible here. The goon who attacked Arjun, Diya became marrying him. arjun stopped it. Madhuri sees the video. Arjun fills Diya’s hairline. SHe says how ought to Arjun do this? He promised me he won’t wreck his promise. Love says we can’t blame Arjun. That female and his own circle of relatives would possibly have manipulated him. Amitabh says don’t permit any press in.

Scene 2
Arjun says Karan will search for your weakness. You should live sturdy bodily and emotionally. Diya says I will make certain I make no mistake. You have suffered plenty these days as well. Everyone’s taunts. Tina’s anger. But you didn’t wreck your promise. I promise you I will win this healthy in any respect costs.

Amitabh says maa you stated Arjun won’t make a mistake. He married a center elegance female. And you Madhuri.. Keep assisting him. Love pass and deal with the meida. Ask all visitors to depart. MAdhuri says maa you stated Arjun will come earlier than his wedding ceremony. Amitabh says he’s going to come however together along with his wife. His wife. Madhuri says I won’t even permit her in. They will should answer. I will visit her place.

Scene 3
Tina locks herself withinside the room. She says Diya no person can store yo from me now. Niharika says open the door.

Arjun says to Diya near your eyes and relax. Karan exams the safety across the house. Singhal comes and says I won’t depart anyone. Your son performed with my daughter’s lifestyles. He married that female. Niharik says ma Tina.. Sanjev says what took place ot my daughter? Niharika says she is crying and locked withinside the room. What if she does suicide?

Karan says to his supervisor Arjun will come anytime. Stay alert. Tina recollects what Arjun stated. She breaks matters in anger. tina says I will take your lifestyles Diya. I will flip the sector towards you. Sanjev says Tina open the door. Everyone asks her to open the door. Sh saysb I recognise you like me papa. I need you to get ache and angry. So a whole lot which you destroy agarwals. They made a a laugh on me. I will display them what actual drama is. She slits her wrist.

Scene 4
Karan says despite the fact that he reaches the courtroom docket make certain he doesn’t get the healthy.

The media questions Kush. Kush attempts to loosen up media. Deepika calls him. He says what? Media hears and say tina is gonna suicide? Karan will increase secuirty everywhere.

Tina comes out adn faints. Her fingers is bleeding. Everyone screams. Karan says if she doesn’t are available in eight mins lock the door. The goons prevent Diya and Arjun. Arjun hits them and takes Diya in. The host says most effective 7 mins are left. They begin countdown. arjun is available in with Diay and says she’s here. Karan says oh the bride and groom are here. Congrats at the wedding ceremony. Arjun modifications Diya’s shoes. Karan says she can’t alternate costume. She’s already late. If she desires to play she has to play withinside the equal costume. I can’t help. Arjun says you higher now no longer speak approximately the rules. He says most effective skills matters. Karan says you’re late. She has to play on this constume.

Episode ends.
Precap: Kajol tells Anurag to preserve his eyes open. Ambulance is coming. Nothing will appear to him. Ambulance comes and he’s taken to the hospital..


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