Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1-
Diya says I will continually be thankful to you for all of the help. Diya says can marriage paintings with sympathy? Arjun says you’re proper. Marriage can’t paintings with sympathy. You in no way wished me. I don’t do whatever with out a need. I didn’t do it excited by you for sympathy. A woman’s identification if now no longer her marriage however her selections. And I appreciate that selections and identification of yours. You could make the arena together along with your very own selections. I most effective need to be part of that international. Give you a sky wherein you could fly and phone freedom yours. Your dream may be ours. Nothing else will change. the society most effective qyestions the girls. I realize you’ll combat with them however might your own circle of relatives be capable of take care of it all? You won’t be capable of see them in pain. So permit’s make like easy. Would you provide me your hand? I may be a part of your desires and ensure they arrive true.

Kaki says how are you going to marry her? Your international and ours are different. Will your mother receive her as her DIL? What if marriage breaks? Mohan says he’s taking duty of her desires. Nothing like that could appear. I noticed many men for her however in no way noticed a person who reputable her desires so much. I raised her however he stood up fpr her lifestyles. He won’t permit whatever incorrect appear to her. Mira says we don’t realize if his own circle of relatives might receive her. Arjun says so long as I am there Diya will continually be reputable in my own circle of relatives. Diya says what approximately Tina Arjun? She is ready fo ryou as her bride. I can’t try this to any other woman. How did you suspect I might damage a person’s lifestyles for myself? How are you able to do that? You realize proper and incorrect. You’re being unfair to her. You stored my lifestyles and now ruining tina’s lifestyles? You realize she loves you.

Arjun remembers he heard Tina pronouncing to his dad my and Arjun’s wedding ceremony is a commercial enterprise deal and I gets Arjun out of it. He’s the first-class for her. Amitabh stated I need Arjun to return back returned to regular lifestyles. Tina stated consciousness ont his commercial enterprise deal and I gets my Arjun. Arjun says Tina doesn’t love me. Everything in massive households are a commercial enterprise deal. My marriage with Tina is a commercial enterprise deal. Everything is offered in our households. This wedding ceremony is likewise a trade. This is the truth of our relationship. There’s not anything among us. For one moment, if I felt that is unfair with Tina I won’t have accomplished it. If it weren’t for commercial enterprise this wedding ceremony won’t be happening. It’s higher for Tina additionally to discover a man who loves her. is familiar with and cares for that’s not possible for me. My marriage with him is a formality. Now it’s your choice to marry me or now no longer. You’ve to determine fast. I won’t permit you to pass over the healthy in any case this.

Tina comes outside. Mohan says do you continue to assume he’s now no longer appropriate for her? Mohan says I misplaced your agree with through locating a man like Arjit for you. But Arjun is the proper man for you. I turned into additionally questioning why is God doing all this with my Diya however I realize why. It all came about due to the fact your destiney is tied with Arjun. Diya is worried. Diya says in coronary heart I most effective desired to look Arjun happy. Why am I so worried? mohan offers her hand in Arjun’s hand. Arjun says I will take rounds. We don’t have time to do the vidhi. The healthy time is close.

Scene 2
Mira does their kaniya daan. Arjun and Diya take the rounds across the fire. Ajrun fills her hairline. Arjun leaves. Kaki says wherein is going? Mira says he left Diya? Where did he go? Arjun comes returned with a badminton racket and offers it to diya. He says from these days as Diya’s lifestyles associate I may be the wings to her desires and make her successful. Tina and Niharika come in. They’re shocked. Arjun offers Diya the racket. Tina shouts Arjun.. Tina is angry. She says what did you do Arjun? What did you do? She grasps his collar. Arjun says please chill out and listen.. Tina says listen? You married this woman and I ought to listen? Do you spot me? I did it excited by you. I did it excited by you and married this woman. Why did you try this? Ajrun says what are you doing? Please chill out.

Episode ends.

Precap-Tina says this woman will defeat me? Tina can nebver lose.. She attempts to cast off Diya’s sindur. Niharika calls Ambitabh and says Arjun married Diya. He tells Madhura. She faints.


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