Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Depika says Diya, we’re seeing Arjun like that for the primary time. Before the coincidence he used to have a lot fun. Diya says he can be a part of the pooja and all and sundry will see the vintage Arjun back. Karan’s guys come in. He says no person need to understand we’re Karan’s guys. Switch the principle fuse. Kush says who’re you both? What are you searching for? He says we’re from Suman generator. You requested for 3 generators. Kush says come in.

Arjun says to Diya I were given new eating regimen for you from Mr. Gupta. Diya says I won’t lose anymore. He says you’re underweight. You must advantage weight. Diya says so I can devour sweets? He says you could charge devour dates and almonds. Don’t forget about your eating regimen. Diya says you need to do one aspect for me as well. Promise me first. Don’t say no. She says why did you put on kurta yesterday? He says I desired to. Diya says you want sporting it to the pooja? He says see those gifts. I shopped for you, for the pooja. See this kurta. Wear it these days. And put on this one tomorrow. Arjun says who stated I will attend the pooja these days or tomorrow? Did I ask you? SHe says you didn’t however in case you come everyoen can be glad. He says my own circle of relatives turned into glad besides once I wasn’t part of it. Diya says for me please come. He says don’t supply me those orders. I won’t pay attention to the whole lot you say. You requested me to convey the idol. That doesn’t suggest I will do the whole lot. Niharika hears it. She says have to inform Tina.

Arjun says forestall looking to be a spouse and DIL. Focus on badminton. On the suit day, all of this won’t assist. Next time don’t question me to be a part of the pooja. Diya says I won’t becaiuse you may come yourself. Diya leaves.

Scene 2
Karan is worried. He says did I make a hasty selection through sending my guys? If all people acknowledges them it will likely be a massive trouble. He calls them. He says cancel the plan and are available back. His guy says however the whole lot is done. We have set the whole lot. We will educate that Diya a lesson. He says in case you be successful I will you double however if a person acknowledges you, I don’t understand you.

Diya says to Dadi and Depika I want your assist to make Arjun a part of the pooja. Depika says not anything works. We have attempted the whole lot. Dadi says inform us your idea. Diya says Niharika and Kush aren’t domestic. We must do it. She says the plan is.. she tells them. Depika says I don’t suppose he might come. He if he unearths out approximately our plan he can be certainly mad. Dadi says I just like the idea. It will work. Diya says how can we persuade Love and Amitabh? And maa. Dadi says I will persuade Madhuri. Love and Amitabh aren’t domestic besides.

Dadi tells Madhuri approximately the plan. She says Arjun can be a part of the pooja if it works. Tina says it is a superb news. Dadi says come in. Dadi tells her the plan as well. Dadi says I have confidence in Diya. She will convey Arjun to the pooja. Madhuri says I will be the happiest if Arjun comes. Dadi says Diya can do it. Don’t pop out for arti till Diya asks. She leaves. Tina says see aunty diya is doing a lot for all and sundry. You can be the happiest. I wish you may additionally be given her with badminton. Madhuri says in no way with badminton. But she doesn’t even need to depart it. She cares approximately Arjun that’s why she wishes him withinside the pooja. Tina says I want to inform this plan to Arjun somehow.

Scene 3
Depika says to Diya I even have informed pandit ji the plan. Diya asks all visitors to attend withinside the garden. Depika says Diya.. Diya says get dinner prepared outside. Diya asks all and sundry to depart the hall.

Tina says how do I inform all this to Arjun. Diya says Tina.. you came? Tina says yeah I heard. What’s the plan? DIya says please live. We need to live collectively so Arjun can’t discover us. Tina says in coronary heart how will I inform Arjun now.

Episode ends.

Precap-Pandit ji says it’s pooja time and no person is right here to mild the candles. Arjun says permit me see. Everyone is hidden. Arjun appears around. Pandit ji says how will arti happen? Arjun says it will. He lighting the candle. Madhuri and Diya are glad.


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