Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Kaka says every person have to have visible this image. Mohan says my daughter’s existence is ruined and I am the cause for it. I ought to die. He attempts to kill himself with the aid of using leaping in fire. Everyone stops him. He says permit me die. I became gonna destroy her existence with the equal fire. Arjun says forestall it uncle what do you think? Would you death make it simpler for diya? She handiest cares approximately your happiness and health. You are her dream. I got here right here for her dream and love that she has for you. That image proves nothing. When I got here right here I determined I will store her existence.

Kaki says you’re the cause of her existence being ruined. Diya says sufficient kaki ma. Arjun isn’t worng. He permit me fulfull my dream and stopped my marriage with a goon like Arjit. Was that his fault? I am now no longer ashamed of my dream. We ought to be thankful to arjun. Mira says the fee of your dream is in the front of you. He will pass on however the society will hold wondering you. He gets married however what approximately you? Arjun says in coronary heart what has occurred. Diyas existence ruined. People will query her. It will occurred due to me. How do I repair it?

Arjun thinks approximately his wedding ceremony. He remembers madhuri pronouncing you may marry tina. Arjun thinks approximately his promise to Madhuri. He appears at Diya crying. Arjun says I will marry Diya: every person is shocked.

Scene 2
Karan prepares his referee. He says there’s a in shape among ria and diya soon. He says what in case you don’t get the satisfactory referee award. What in case you don’t get it this year? We can refer you for 2 awards however we won’t be capable of do that. He asks why? Arjun says I don’t need you to be honest. If you’re making Ria win I will load you with money. He says I am ready.

Scene 3
Arjun says sure I will marry you. I recognize a existence companion has a variety of duties however I promise you I will provide her the happiness she deserves. My mother says a husband is a wife’s sky wherein she will be able to fly. I don’t recognize how huge of a sky I might be however she will be able to usually fly. Will you provide her hand in my hand? Will you marry me to her? Diya says no.

Tina is on her way. Diya says why do you wanna marry me? Because you’ve got got sympathy for me? My dad and mom are terrible and my wedding ceremony known as off. You have to be blaming your self and sympathizing me. You can’t see anybody’s pain. But you may handiest provide me sympathy. I should rise up for myself. I recognize my existence won’t be easy. People will communicate and taunt. But who cares? My own circle of relatives is with me. My dad and mom are with me and with them I can get via this and could do some thing for my dad which has usually been my mission. My existence is whole with out marriage too. I don’t want anybody however myself. Can marriage paintings with sympathy? Diya walks away. Arjin says forestall.

Episode ends.


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