Rishton Ka Manjha

Rishton Ka Manjha 11th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
Arjun says supply this danger to a person else. Arjun says the politian you’re speakme approximately, lots of them come to my house. Ask him who I am. Arjit says youd on’t recognise me. It became my mistake that I allow you to stay that day. Come out, I will reduce you into pieces. Arjun says did you spot his reality? Will you marry Diya to this goon now? Mohan is shocked. Arjit’s buddy says have a take a observe this image. The whole metropolis is speakme approximately this lady and this man. Arjun is shocked.

Scene 2
Madhuri says why did you permit this occur God? Why is badminton and that lady so critical that Arjun didn’t even care approximately us? He became approaching proper track. HE became farfar from badminiton. He used to drink and make a large number however stayed farfar from badminton that ruined his lifestyles. Please deliver him returned earlier than the marriage time. Tina is the wish in his lifestyles. Please deliver him returned.
Dadi says Arjun won’t do whatever that could disgrace us. Madhuri says Tina ought to have taken us with him.

Arjit’s sister says first see your daughter’s individual earlier than pointing at us. This Diya is gambling any other recreation withinside the call of badminton. Arjun says we had been additionally practising for badminton. They say we will see what’s among you two. Diya says baba they’re lying. We had been most effective practising for the in shape. Arjit’s own circle of relatives says permit’s move. We won’t marry this characterless lady. Arjun says don’t say a phrase approximately Diya. Sadhna says we are able to see who will marry your daughter now. These wealthy men most effective use ladies and you already know what such ladies are referred to as withinside the society.

Scene 3
Tina’s vehicle breaks. Tina is upset. Niharika says don’t worry. He will come domestic. Tina says I promised Madhuri I won’t permit Arjun take that lady to that in shape. I will maintain him farfar from badminton. I need Arjun at any value on my condition. I can’t percentage Arjun inspite of badminton. Tina receives a taxi.

Arjit and his own circle of relatives leave. Diya cries says Arjit please listen.. We had been most effective practising. Kaki says you’ve got got ruined our call. You have ruined your lifestyles. Arjun says how are you going to accuse your daughter over a image? And nobody is because man’s reality? Mira says please move farfar from our lives. You’ve ruined everything.

The visitors ask Love in which is Amitabh? He says a while is left. So dad is busy with preps. Deepika says maa please rest. Don’t take a lot stress. Madhuri says how can I? Arjun will visit that in shape. Everything is at stake. Dadi says despite the fact that he is going to in shape h can come returned. Deepika says permit me take a look at your BP. Madhuri says I don’t need to. Leave me on my own please. Dadi says please take deep breaths. Madhuri says you shouldn’t have completed this Arjun.

Diya cries and says baba I in no way broke your trust. Mira says we stored telling you maintain this man and badminton farfar from your lifestyles. Everything is over. How many human beings could you make clear to? Your badminton’s craze ruined my daughter’s lifestyles Arjun. It’s clean for you. You can move domestic and get married. What approximately my daughter? Who will marry her? Why could you care. Mohan falls.. He faints. Diya cries. She says baba arise please. Arjun says uncle are you okay? Let me name a doctor. Mohan stops Arjun’s hand.

Scene 4
Tina is on her manner with Niharika.

Mohan says I am now no longer involved approximately myself however Diya. Forgive me Ajrun. I were given you wrong. I became getting my daughter married to this kind of terrible man. Her lifestyles could had been ruiend. I thanks for saving my daughter. You stored me as well. People will speak approximately this image and Diya’s individual. Diya cries. Mohan says my Diya can be defamed withinside the entire society. Diya says don’t suppose all this papa. I don’t care what the arena thinks. I most effective care approximately you. She cries. Mohan hugs her. Diya says papa you get higher after that.. Kaki says after that what? Girls are like sand. They slip out of hands. You all are answerable for this. There is not anything among you two? I can see everything. We aren’t idiots. Is this badminton most effective? couldn’t you discover a lamer story? Diya says Arjun is most effective my buddy and trainer. Kaki says you continue to can talk returned? Your daughter is so shameless. I don’t suppose Arjit became wrong. each man has a few shortcomings. All contractors speak like that. What’s this kind of large deal? Shobha says what are you announcing maa? Didn’t you spot how he spoke? She says you live quiet. Arjit became marrying her at least. Who will marry this characterless lady now?

Episode ends..


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