Famous American pop star Rihanna, who made headlines on the day due to her boldness, has once again hit the headlines for some similar reasons. Recently Rihanna shared a picture of her latest topless photoshoot. Rihanna is seen getting in trouble due to this photoshoot. Rihanna was wearing a pendant of Lord Ganesha with this topless photoshoot. As soon as people saw this picture of him, he became enraged. This is why Rihanna is being trolled badly on social media. People are seen narrating them for this photoshoot.

Actually, Rihanna shared a picture on her Instagram account, in which she was topless posing sizzling on the side of the pool. At the same time, he also wore some jewelery in this photoshoot, one of them was the diamond studded pendant of Lord Ganesha … This pendant was worn long enough by Rihanna, due to which it is also seen separately. At the same time, people did not like Rihanna’s actions on social media and started calling them good and bad.

Seeing Rihanna’s photo, someone said it was very objectionable, then someone advised them not to use religion for fame. At the same time, many of Rihanna’s fans were also very angry with this action, some of them clearly told Rihanna that this is their abusive action.

rihanna !! stop using my religion as an aesthetic !! that ganesh figurine at the end of the chain 🙁 is a holy and sacred figure for us hindus

– YEONJUN 4TH GEN IT BOY. alyn anti (@ 09S00B) February 15, 2021

can y’all please stop using our culture and religion as aesthetics I’m tired of this shit

– prags | Devshu day !!!! (@Iostinexile) February 16, 2021

This is really disrespectful to our religion pic.twitter.com/veEmo325aP

– opesope’s daughter⁷⁴ (Rik’s ♡) #HOBIUARY misses Rik 🙁 (@ Cyphers_Ego7) February 16, 2021

Super offensive wearing Ganesha like that. My first god, a holy sentiment to millions of people celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi every year. Sorry RiRi, you disappointed me and others.

– daakkuuu (@ Presenjeet26) February 15, 2021

At the same time, Rihanna has not received any response so far. Earlier, Rihanna had made headlines by tweeting in support of the ongoing farmers movement in India. At the same time, he has discussed in his latest photoshoot by wearing a pendant of Lord Ganesha.


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