Richarlison: Drug Traffickers Stand At Gunpoint, Fear For Their Lives: Richarlison: The Untold Story begins in Nova Venezia, Brazil. Drugs and black money paradise!

At that young age, he lost his life. Brazil’s Richarlison fell in front of the bloody eyes of drug dealers (Richardson). The world was surprised by his amazing goal in Qatar World Cup. Bicycles kicked extraordinary goals in many of the current World Cup (Qatar World Cup 2022) Said the best goal. Richarlison announced his arrival in the football world with a match against Serbia. That day he somehow escaped. The anti-socialists stood at the song point and shook with fear. Brazil rose from poverty, drug dealing, and anti-social elements (Brazil Football Team) How was the journey to becoming a lotus? Richarlison: The Untold Story begins in Nova Venezia, Brazil. Drugs and black money paradise!

Born in a slum area. Keeping the touch of anti-social, drug dealers alive. With two handfuls of rice or matha gonna Dhani. Every day is a different battle. Many people cling to football to get out of that hell. Life revolves only around that round leathery object. He meditated on football to turn his eyes away from the surroundings for fear of being swept away. The back story of most footballers in Brazil is just like this. Richarlison is no exception. The habit of going to sleep on an empty stomach while holding the ball stood. Richarlison is the eldest of five children in the family. Father has a small salon. The Nova Venezia area where Richarlison was born is known for its burgeoning drug and black money trade. According to Richard from Brazil, “Most of my friends used to sell drugs on the street. That was an easy way to make a lot of money. I knew it wasn’t right. So I used to sell chocolates, ice creams. I cleaned the car. This is how I tried to help my mother.” Hard work all day long to put food on the plates of the younger siblings.

Richarlison was a 14-year-old teenager at the time. He was busy playing with the ball on the road in front of the house like any other day. Suddenly some people came and suspected drug thieves and put a gun on his head! For drug traffickers, murder and injury are not an issue. “I was very scared at that moment,” Richarson said. Pulling the trigger would have ended it all. But like that day people give up. Threatened that he would shoot me or my friends if he ever saw them.” One day the father came and handed the football to seven-year-old Richarlison. The Brazilian footballer believes that his father’s gift saved him. Reminiscing about the past, Richard says, “When I was seven years old, my father gave me ten balls. He could not afford to gift so many balls. But he wanted me to be a big footballer. I used to play football on the street with my friends. It’s a slum-like a favela.”

The football god appeared before Richarlison in the guise of a businessman. Impressed by the boy’s football skills, he bought a pair of boots and took him to a second-division club in America called Mineiro. The first step in the ascent from hell to heaven. After that, Fluminense, Watford, Everton, and Tottenham took Richerli to the team at a cost of 60 million pounds this year. The dream of representing the country in the World Cup has also been fulfilled. There is still a long way to go. The story of the Richarlisons’ rise from scratch has been a source of inspiration throughout the ages.


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