Renuka Panwar's song Dhoom is creating, more than 70 crore people watched on YouTube

You must have heard this song in every wedding. There will hardly be any more famous in the Haryanvi industry than Sapna Chaudhary, but let me tell you that, after Sapna Chaudhary, if there is talk, then the name of famous personality comes Renuka Panwar, who would create panic among people with her songs. Huh. A few days ago, a song by Renuka Panwar was released called ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’. This song made a big hit as soon as it was released. Aman Jaji and Pranjal Dahiya are seen in this song. Lyrics is by Mukesh Jaji and music is by M.J. Belongs to

The song ’52 Gaz Ka Daman’ has created a stir on the internet. The song has received 700 million views. The Haryanvi music industry is very popular among people these days. People like these songs very much. From the wedding ceremony to the parties, these songs have made their place. Haryanvi Music has made a very good identity among the people.

At the same time, recently, a new song from Haryanvi singer Renuka Panwar has been released, whose lyrics are ‘Payal Chandi Ki.’ This song by Renuka Pawar is rocking the social media. Fans were eagerly waiting for Renuka Panwar’s new songs. Sapna Chaudhary is seen dancing in this Haryanvi song.


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