Remo D'souza said- victim of racism in childhood, people used to comment on my color

Choreographer and filmmaker Remo D’Souza says that he had to suffer from racism at a very young age. Rema told that initially he ignored it but now he feels that at that time he should have taken a stand against it.

Remo says that comments were made about his complexion and he mobilized him to work harder and gain a position. Remo says that today he is in this position because of this, where now no one calls him by those names. Remo says that racism is a bitter reality, especially in small towns and villages.

In a recent interview, Remo said, “Since the color of my skin, I had to suffer from prejudices and racism. This is a fact that I have dealt with and experienced this even while traveling abroad. When I was growing up, people used to call me by different names. I used to ignore such things because I used to think that I looked in a special way. ”

Remo went on to say, “When I grew up, I understood that it was wrong, and I called them by these names, it was even more wrong.” Now I take a stand against them. It seems to me that it was because of those comments made about my skin color that I was able to reach today where no one can call me again with these names. But racism is still alive today, if you go to small towns and villages, you will find it there. ”


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