Is this Kerala? No!

Chattambi Swami, Ayyavu Swami, Sri Narayanaguru, Iyenkali, Hodaran Ayyappan, EMS, VT Bhattathiripadu started Is this Kerala formed by R? – No!
Years after the clutch fell off our wayward train of renaissance finished This train is speeding away from its destination! But not only did no one admit they were wrong, but there was a kick to the speech. Without Rav!

Just wasted words!

Literacy, health, humanity, democracy and secularism These are our regular readers. All these noble thieves! What is the truth? Let’s see one by one.
Many educated people do not even know the Malayalam alphabet. Literacy is a must.
Subhashita is the state of being able to get as much as you want by paying for alcohol and meat.
Flag of selfishness, greed and selfishness Humanity is a very offensive word.
After looking at the number of votes, each community was divided into several groups and organized. Taking is the democratic consciousness.
Each sect kept silent without touching or interacting with each other. Let them fulfill their agendas and stay safe. Secularism is a tradition.

Light becomes sorrow

As mentioned earlier, different literary-cultural-political-spiritual This is the soil that has become the venue for observations. Birth, Communism, Naxalism, Existentialism, Modernism and Utta Radicalism, rationalism and devotional movement were cultivated here. It has been shortened. No more Satan’s argument to test
The situation is that there is nothing else. A complex that other regions of the state have not yet aimed at. This is it. When the light is too much, there will be sorrow and tamas will bring happiness. It’s working. Let the great poet forgive me!

The old prophets are helpless!

Consumerism, communalism, alcohol, drugs and fraud. and
A mix of unemployment and unethical vote politics. The condition is widespread here. Women, children, youth, old people, and those who need rescuers. Everyone is insecure for different reasons. News channels, social media and scientific and technological revolutions Pouring

More troubles!

The inspiration of the social reformers and leaders of yesteryear By saying
It is no longer a matter of serving Renaissance heroes. The main fact is that this is not their time. The world is changing every day. Technology, beliefs, maps, and customs all change. Kaya. New Age Diets, How Sexuality Began Psychology is capable of strange changes even in Saying The girl says that sex is the only way to trust love. The new argument of the young world is confusing!
In the current decade, political parties and communal-religious forces The truth is that there is no throne to become new guides. ‘Remember that this is kerama!’ It means that the time of rhetoric is over.

Be the worst of the critics

A trick of the Malayalee is to just let it flow. Another pitfall is mocking others. Our Yuga Samskha by mentioning the name of the recent primitive human sacrifice An example is the manner in which Rati is being disparaged.
The idea of ​​’Tamaso Ma Jyothirgamayah’ is our primordial daivasangka. less Everything else is just images. It is not a male-centered monotheistic concept. Pinnenthi Nan is a heritage song among the regional customs here. One has to ask what makes Scarat so wickedly slanderous. . There are hundreds of Acha in different societies full of stories and myths. There will be colors and beliefs. The culprits are those who abuse it.
Know that the line between faith and superstition is thin. go Even hope for a better tomorrow by looking at a number is blind faith. right? Isn’t blood witness superstition? Is it not superstition to say that we will be alive tomorrow? Not rules, but knowledge, wisdom, and love.
Antidote for unusual fevers. It is a pity that no one is fit to tell and impart it. hand Is it still not in the mind that everyone is responsible for this plight?

Come on! Enjoy! Happy!

Anyway, good times for channels!

They score with heart-breaking violent news. Their ratings and ad revenue increase. The number of viewers enjoying crime news is also increasing. Advertisements of goldsmiths and blade companies The people enjoy the beauty and color of the sea, night and day. Violations evolve into agitations.
New Pilgrimages of the Mind in Search of New Manhood Just getting started!

Have a good time
It’s happening!

don’t you hear
Revival trumpet!

Come on! Enjoy! Happy!


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