New Delhi Today is the birthday of Rekha, who is a Bollywood actress and ‘beats millions of hearts’. She is an actress of Bollywood, who made her own special identity on her own and gave not only great films to this film industry, but also made many films a hit on her own. Not only as an actress in the film, Rekha has been very crazy anyway. Along with Rekha films, she was also very much discussed about her beauty, love affair and even today there is no shortage of her fans. In such a situation, you know what was so special in his career…

Forced to do films

Rekha’s life has been very mysterious and it is the story of a girl who comes to Hindi cinema at the age of 14 and establishes her identity not only in commercial but also in art films. But do you know that Rekha never wanted to come into films and she had chosen acting due to compulsion and that too at the age of only 14 years. Please tell that Rekha’s mother Pushpavali and father were well-known stars of South and Pushpavali was the third wife of his father Gemini Ganesan. However, his parents’ never married life was fine. When Rekha was 13, she had to work in films due to deteriorating family situation.

Cram was special

Rekha may have chosen acting as a compulsion, but she did it in this field, which has become a dream for some heroines. It is not that he got everything easily, he has overcome this journey with great difficulty and has achieved this position. Rekha comes from South India, so she used to face a lot of difficulty in speaking Hindi. Not only this, he also had problems with make-up, jewelry and clothes used for acting. However, he made his mark in this phase by passing through difficulties. Rekha is said to have mastered the dialogue. All of them used to call him Ratantu Parrot. Give them the dialogue of any language. If written in Roman, then the Japanese script was also completely rotten.

Did not let her sister come to the movies

For this reason, he did not allow his younger sister Radha to appear in films. According to him, the world of films is not good and he also stopped Radha from appearing in films. Even after that, he had to face many difficulties and his life was very volatile. Talking about his film career, the actress worked as a child actor in many films. She first appeared in films in 1958 and then did 12–12 films in a year. Recently Rekha appeared in Yamla Pagal Deewana Phir Se in 2018.  



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