These days, two videos of Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar are going viral very fast. In these videos, she is seen flaming paparazzi. These two videos are of different occasion. There is a video of when she was spotted outside her house to meet a friend. The second video is of a spot outside a studio in Andheri West.

In the first video, Bhumi Pednekar is wearing a printed high slit dress of cream color. With this, two neckpieces were worn around the neck. He is also wearing earrings and carries a handbag. Along with this, he is wearing a red color work mask. In the video, she can see that she gets out of her car and goes inside a studio.

Refused to pose for paparazzi

During this, she asks paparazzi about their condition. After this, Paparaji asks to come to the center to take photos and videos. So some paparazzi ask her to take off the mask and pose, then she refuses to take off the mask. After this, she proceeds by giving one or two poses. Then many paparazzi stop and ask her to pose, then she refuses them.

Land reached friend

At the same time, in the second video, Bhumi Pednekar reached to meet a friend. During this time, Paparaji took the spot. In this video, we can see that Bhumi is wearing an orange color top and black pants and a handbag is also carried. She is getting off the car and going to her friend’s house. That is when paparazzi asks him to pose.

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She gives these answers by turning, even after that, she continues to move forward. Paparaji asks her to stop, but she does not stop. In the last, she turns and answers that she has come to her friend’s place. After this, she opened the door and went inside.


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