In Bihar assembly elections, rebel candidates of different parties are also beating the ground. When disappointed with his party, he joined another party. There are some people whose independents did not speak even if the independents entered the arena. Now he has stood against the candidate of the party he was associated with earlier. Such rebels are in all parties. Most of them are from BJP. Those rebels who raise a protest flag against their own party can also spoil the math of victory. 

BJP: Nine were removed, but there are more in the election field,
the number of leaders going to the polls going against the BJP’s policies and coalition religion is increasing. Even though the party has marked nine leaders and expelled them for six years, many party leaders are still in the first phase. While for the second and third phase, such leaders have also been given time till the withdrawal of their names. If they do not withdraw the name, then their removal is certain. 

Right now the leaders of the party have joined the field as rebels, Rameshwar Chaurasia from Sasaram, Rajendra Singh Dinara, Usha Vidyarthi from Paliganj, Shweta Singh Sandesh, Jhajha from Ravindra Yadav, Jehanabad from Indu Kashyap, Ajay Pratap Jamui, Mrinal Shekhar Amarpur. Anil Kumar is contesting from Bikram. In this, Ajay Pratap RLSP, Anil Kumar are independents and the rest are on the LJP ticket. According to party sources, some other leaders are still in the first phase. All these contesting elections are indirectly connected to BJP. BJP leader Rajendra Gupta and former district president Daro Bind from Sheikhpura are in the fray.

Former MLA from Barhara, Asha Devi is in the independent election, while BJP leader and noted singer Bharat Sharma has filed an independent nomination. Rani Kumari LJP from Makhdumpur reserved seat, Shobha Devi from Shahpur, Bhai Dinesh Jap, former MLA from Jagdishpur are in the fray. Rakesh Kumar Singh from Ghosi with RSS background, Kumari Shobha Sinha from Imaganj Safar is contesting from LJP and Rajiv Kumar Jap from Wazirganj. Arjun Ram from Rajauli Safe, Shashi Bhushan Kumar from Nawada, Ranjit Yadav from Govindpur are contesting on the LJP ticket. The last time Ranjit’s wife was in the election fray on a BJP ticket. 

There are more queues in the 
coming days and the number of rebels in the BJP is set to increase further. From Bankipur, Sushma Sahu has announced to contest the independent election. BJP leader from Maner, former MLA Shrikant Nirala can try his luck from Tarakeswar Singh LJP from Baniyapur. Names of leaders are running in a dozen more seats which are still behind the scenes. Party leaders also believe that this time the BJP is contesting only 110 seats as compared to 157 seats last time. Apart from this, some tickets have been cut, while many seats have more than one contender. Due to this, the number of rebels is bound to increase. 

JDU: Weakened party, rebel in many seats in the first phase itself 
JDU rebels will be seen at almost every stage. There are more than a dozen JDU leaders who have not got tickets in this Mahaparva, coming on the five years of democracy, who have revolted if they do not get candidature. Of these, Aadhaar dozen are such that in the first phase only NDA candidates can stand in the way of victory. Dadan Singh is contesting as an independent from wrestler Dumraon and posing for JDU candidate Anjum Ara. JDU leader Dr. Rakesh Ranjan has become a rebel due to Sudarshan getting ticket from Congress. At the same time, former minister Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha rebelled Jagadishpar after JDU got Kusumlata Kushwaha a ticket. LJP gave him a ticket and removed it from here. In such a situation, the path of JDU candidate was not easy. Independent Ranjan was in charge of JDU in this region. Former Minister Rameshwar Paswan, Independent Sinkadara, Dr. Rannvijay Singh has rebelled against JDU by getting GoL from RLSP ticket. Former women cell president of JDU, Kanchan Gupta, former district president of Jamui JDU, Shivshankar Chaudhary, former MLA Sumit Singh have expressed their displeasure over the decision of the party by not getting the ticket by jumping into the independent ground. 

RJD: Electoral rhythm against rebel party
Those who rebel against the RJD in the election season are now trying to spoil the same game. They have either become candidates in JDU, Jap and other parties or are busy in winning their candidates. MLAs Jayawardhan Yadav, Chandrika Rai, Prema Chaudhary, Maheshwar Yadav, Faraj Fatmi, Ashok Kumar, besides Legislative Councilor Sanjay Prasad, former MLA Vijender Yadav are now electing against RJD as JDU candidates. . The current MLA from Garkha, Muneshwar Chaudhary, has also switched sides. He is now pacing against the RJD under the banner of Jaap. Apart from this, Satendra Paswan, who resigned from RJD, is a candidate for Phulwari Sharif. The young RJD general secretary Sona Paswan is now in the fray as a Jap candidate from Banmankhi. Apart from this, Shivhar district president Thakur Dharmendra Singh has also left RJD and joined RLSP.


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