Real-Time Scientific Study Centers Are Coming Up To Avoid Calamities At Sabarimala: An Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has been launched under the leadership of the District Disaster Management Authority to coordinate the emergency disaster relief activities related to the Sabarimala pilgrimage.

It will work with the technical assistance of the State Disaster Management Authority. Center Monday (November 14) at two in the afternoon at Nilakkal, the base camp of Sabarimala, Revenue Minister K. Rajan will inaugurate. He will also inaugurate the Sanitation Society at Pampa.

Pathanamthitta District Disaster Relief Authority Chairperson and District Collector Dr. Divya S Iyer coordinate the operations of the Emergency Management Centre. The Revenue Minister will also attend the meeting of Revenue and Disaster Management Department officials on Monday in Pampa. The meeting will review the disaster management activities so far and the preparations related to the Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Emergency Operations Center is the most advanced system for disaster management operations. In the case of out-of-control congestion, misinformation or misinformation among the public can spread anxiety, create conditions for careless rush-hour traffic and lead to disaster. In this situation, the Emergency Operations Center works with the aim of collating accurate, analyzed and revised information and informing the concerned officials at the time of need.

The purpose of the Emergency Operation Center is to take necessary decisions by coordinating all the heads of departments related to the administration of Sabarimala in case of emergency. Based on this, the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) will start functioning from November 14 by connecting the control rooms at Pampa, Nilakkal, Sannidhanam, Pathanamthitta Collectorate and Thiruvananthapuram State Control Room. The control rooms are connected to each other using various communication systems to deal with emergency situations.

Hotline systems have also been set up by interconnecting these to avoid delay in contacting the control rooms. Various offices and the public know the information about the traffic at Sabarimala every hour from this center. Also, all department heads will be given three levels of alert, green, orange, and red, depending on the level of traffic, with information about the number of people coming and going to Sabarimala and those staying at the Sannidhanam every hour.

The center is also equipped with fax and internet facilities for sending written messages. In case of natural calamities, communication systems like the internet, telephone, fax, hotline, etc. may also be disrupted. In this case, the VHF radio system will also work by connecting all the centers. In the event of an emergency, a call from one center will reach all the other stations at the same time. Congestion information will be entered into a database at the Pampa EOC, codified, and recorded in the form of graphs showing the current situation.

A resource inventory containing phone numbers of all offices related to Sabarimala like Fire and Rescue Service, Police, Health, Revenue, Devaswom, etc. has been made available in the control rooms and EOC. All the information on ambulance services, heavy-duty systems like JCB, etc. are collected in EOC. Three teams of seven members each are working to help the District Disaster Management Authority.


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