Ravi Kishan told why Shukla had to be removed from Mumbai by name? Story of struggle

Ravi Kishan told why Shukla had to be removed from Mumbai by name? Story of struggle

BJP MP and actor Ravi Kishan, who raised the issue of drugs in Bollywood in the Lok Sabha, has recalled the days of his struggle in Mumbai. He has shared the story of what he had to go through for Aajee Roti. He was talking to Aaj Tak after approving the proposal to create a film city in UP.

Let me tell you that Ravi Kishan, born in Jaunpur, had moved to Mumbai after beating his father. When asked if Ravi Kishan Shukla shares his identity in Gorakhpur, why hide in Mumbai, was he afraid?

On this, Ravi Kishan says, ‘It is seen differently in cinema. Brother, it was considered milkman, jammer. People of Bhojpuri Hindi are considered inferior. It was said in a fight that Shukla will have to be removed. I had no money. What would be sad to remove his father’s name. This had to be done for Rosie Roti, because a large family had to see. God was showing me the way. I thought cinema would have a name, so it had to be done. Walked by bus. It is a long story.

Ravi Kishan said that people of the Hindi belt will be benefited from the film city , ‘The country must have understood what I am trying to say. Whatever I was wishing that Film City should be made here, people should work here with respect. The same atmosphere is being created here. People should work on their language and their industry.

Jaya Bachchan tightens you up, Bollywood is divided into two camps, if there is a camp, then how will the drug be eliminated from Bollywood? In response to this question, the BJP MP said, ‘There should be no camp, support me. Everyone’s child has a future. Filthy fish have to be caught, cinema is a very big medium. Cricket-cinema is a huge medium. It was not there before, but it has increased in eight to ten years. It came very fast in songs and films.

He said, ‘Our youth were going in a different direction, the country was being weakened and hollowed out. Conspiracy to weaken the country with drugs. Be it big names or small ones, those who have done wrong will be caught. If no one has done wrong then why will he be caught?

Isn’t it the case of Jaya vs Ravi Kishan?
Ravi Kishan said, ‘NCB, CBI, police administration, our government is very strong. They will choose one by one. Whoever is wasting, is giving protection to such people, agencies will pick them out. For those who are innocent, I promise that nothing will happen to them. There is no lockup option, there is a rehab option.



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