Actress Rasika Duggal is playing a special appearance in the new science-fiction comedy web series ‘OK Computer’. She says that initially she was in a dilemma about joining the show.

Rasika told IANS, “I have a special appearance in the show. The character is small, but it has a lot of significance in the story. Initially I was a bit confused because special appearances are very common in western countries, but not in the Indian scenario. Is. People here consider it as a small character. ”

Talking about the series, Rasika says, “It shows what technology is doing to us and what kind of response we have towards this and what is the future of something like Artificial Intelligence. It’s our life right now Has become an important part of it. I think this series is way ahead of its time. ”

Directed by Pooja Shetty and Neil Pegadar, ‘OK Computer’ is being aired on Disney Plus Hotstar.


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