More month Ashwin Krishna Paksha Ekadashi On October 13, 2020 Tuesday, the factors of intellect, intellectualism, knowledge, writing power, journalism, literature, etc. and the lord of Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs Mercury will be changed by changing the path in Libra. Jyotirvid Pt Diwakar Tripathi Purvanchali, director of Utthan Astrology Institute, told that after this the Mercury planets will again be retrograde in Libra on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It is here that they will influence the grazing world by staying wayward till 27 November. Thus, Venus will transit in Libra for a long time.

Surya Rashi Parivartan 2020: Sun will enter Libra on October 17, good news for Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn people

According to Jyotirvid Pt Diwakar Tripathi Purvanchali will establish influence on all ascendants. Let’s know the horoscope of all zodiac signs:

Aries: – Increase in might, stress in life partner, stress in partnership, little tension in love relationship, positive and successful use of intelligence.

Taurus: – Progress with little stress on money, internal tension in the family, speech can be spoken and kept away from unnecessary disputes and expenses, little concern for children.

Gemini: Successful use of intelligence, health, happiness, growth in learning, progress in favor of children, increase in profit, but sudden negative thoughts and stress are also possible.

Shani Dev has good eyesight on these three zodiac signs, always blesses him

Cancer: – Chest discomfort, concern about mother’s health, home and vehicle related expenses or stress, disturbed mind, internal fear or dissatisfaction.

Leo: – Success with hindrance in money related work, some demanding or new work in family, expansion in business, internal fear.

Virgo: – There is a full chance of increase in wealth, new work in the family, expansion in business, benefits to people associated with voice business, but pay full attention to self and mother’s health.

Libra: – On the strength of work capacity, new work or expansion in work, mental anxiety may increase, stay alert to health, support of father and home, increase in love relationship and support of life partner

Scorpio: – Beware of excess expenditure, internal diseases, debt, and enemies, it is also possible to travel big for business activities or for a new action plan.

Dhanu: – Increase in support and companionship of life partner, increase in love relationship, increase in means and benefits of income, increase in study and teaching.

Capricorn: – Increase in state honor and hard work, progress in the field of work, but health conscious, increase in home and vehicle happiness.

Aquarius: – Luck will be supported, internal fear, good news from the child’s field, growth with hindrance in study and teaching, support of father, support of high officials.

Pisces: – Problems related to stomach and urination, increase in wealth, benefits to people associated with business, awareness of life-partner’s health, tension in love relationship is possible.



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