Rare Vulture: Missing 10 Months Ago In Nepal, Found In Bihar: Rare Vulture: Vulture.. This name is heard, but those who have actually seen them are few in this generation. You have seen it either in the zoo or in the movies. Vultures are the main bird species that help in environmental conservation. Unable to face the challenges thrown by time, the wings of vultures are broken. The species is gradually disappearing. This situation is worrying not only bird lovers but also environmentalists. Vultures are important bird that affects the environment and is on the verge of extinction. So they are included in the list of endangered species.

In this order, a rare vulture from Nepal got lost there 10 months ago. The vulture, fitted with a radio collar, went missing from Nepal’s bird watchers. The vulture, which has been missing for years, has now appeared in Bihar. The tired bird was found in a completely weakened state after returning to search for food. A rare white vulture was spotted by Bihar Bird Ringing Station officials at Darbhanga. Food was given to it. This endangered species of bird was last seen in the Tanahun district of Nepal. Officials said it was seen in a weak condition due to a lack of food. With that, the Nepalese authorities expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Bihar authorities. However, in 2000, vultures were included in the list of endangered species due to rapid population decline.

In addition to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and southern Vietnam, white vultures are common in the Indian subcontinent, usually found near human settlements. These birds mostly feed on the ground, but nest in trees and hills. They spend most of their time flying on air currents in search of food.

The bird is medium in size, with black plumage, white neck-ruff, lower back, and a white patch of feathers on the upper tail. An adult white vulture is 75 to 85 cm long. Chief Wildlife Warde PK Gupta said that the Nepalese authorities were using the missing bird for research and monitoring in the vulture safe zone. The bird was weak and was given food immediately. The vulture is under observation at the Bird Ringing and Monitoring Station in Bhagalpur and will be released after a few days, he said. Jatayu Conservation Breeding Center in Pinjore, Haryana, the Bombay Natural History Society, Royal Society for Protection of Birds in England were alerted as soon as the bird was spotted.

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A radio collar attached to the bird stopped transmitting data while in Abukhaireni, Tanahu, Nepal in April. It was last seen in the same area on September 3, Gupta said. Bihar is the fourth state in the country to have a bird ringing (tagging) station. He said that birds will be ringed on their legs to study their migration pattern, mortality, and territoriality. The Bhagalpur Bird Ringing Station rescued a Mongolian Pallas fish eagle in October last year.


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