The teenager who had gone to the farm in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, was caught by a young man on his way back and tried to rape him. On protesting, the youth tore the teenager’s clothes and strangled him and tried to kill him. When the teenager made a noise, the young man left him and ran away. The teenager reached home and told the family about the whole incident. The police are looking for the accused by registering a case against the teenager’s tahrir.

A 16-year-old teenager went to the farm on Tuesday evening in Thathiya police station area. While returning from there, the teenager was caught on the way by a young man from the village and started molesting him. After this, the young man tried to rape her. When the teenager protested, the young man tore her clothes and strangled her with the intention of killing her. Villagers working in the fields ran around when the teenager made noise.

Seeing the villagers coming, the young man fled from the scene threatening to kill the teenager. Upon reaching home, the victim told the whole thing to her mother. The mother reached the police station with the victim. Thathia police station in-charge Subhash Chandra said that a case has been registered on the victim’s Tahrir. The victim’s statements will also be made.



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