On Saturday, the District Magistrate of Rampur, Anjaney Kumar Singh made a surprise inspection of the Paddy Purchasing Center in Bilaspur Mandi under the guise of the farmer. During this time he found many deficiencies here. The District Magistrate had received complaints from farmers in the last several days. Farmers say that paddy is being purchased at less than the government rate. In order to investigate this complaint, the District Magistrate had to change his disguise and became a farmer in a private car and reached the Paddy Purchasing Center in Bilaspur Mandi.

He talked to the purchasing center employees about selling paddy as a farmer and also sought information from farmers who came to sell paddy. The District Magistrate was seen walking in the market like a farmer. The farmers shared their hearts with them. After that the District Magistrate came in his form and reprimanded the employees of Paddy Purchasing Center and also ordered action on two purchasing centers. During this time, as soon as the raid of the District Magistrate was reported, there was a stir in the market.

Anjaney Kumar Singh said that paddy procurement has started and all our purchasing centers have been online. Procurement has also started at all centers. Some complaints were coming. The farmers complained that they were being bought from 1100 to 1400 rupees.

The DM said in a strict tone that if someone will buy less than the farmer or by persuading them or forcefully, then strict action will be taken against him. We have taken action at the procurement centers.

The DM said that to know the truth of people’s complaints, it was necessary to investigate. DM said if I did not go as a farmer, no one would talk to me or someone would deal with me. It was important to understand how farmers are being cheated.



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