The biggest political game in Bihar election 2020 has started in Bhojpura. After the viral audio of RJD MLA from Barhara, now the viral video of RJD candidate has created a ruckus. In this video, RJD candidates are seen threatening the police with the Naxalites to blow up the police station and shoot them. This video, which went viral just before the election, has also put the RJD candidate to sleep. In this case, the RJD candidate says that the video has been edited, this video is four years old.

This video is four years old

The video of Ramkishun Lohia, MLA and RJD candidate from Jagdishpur Assembly of Bhojpura is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is alleged that in this video, the MLAs are allegedly making a statement supporting the Naxalites . In this case, when Aaj Tak’s team spoke to the MLA and the local people, something else came out. It has been told that this video is four years old. Now in order to gain political advantage in the election season, this video is being viral.

Ramkishun Lohia said – nothing to do with this video

In this case, MLA Ramkishun Lohia says that he has nothing to do with this video. This is a conspiracy by the opponents to trap them. He said that his image has been as a clean and clean leader in the region. There is no criminal case against him.

Opponents want to spoil the image

Opponents want to tarnish his image. Explain that in the Jagdishpur constituency, Ramkishun Lohia is competing with former minister Bhagwan Singh Kushwaha and JDU’s Kusum Lata Arya.



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