After the lock-down, new serials have started coming on the entertainment channel and some new serials are on the verge of coming. In this way, the serial ‘Ram Pyare Kehl Hamare’ on Zee TV has started from 5.30 pm on 5 October. In this serial, Nikhil Khurana and Jyoti Sharma are playing the character of Ram and Dulari, who are a husband and wife.

Ram dear just started getting us

Also in this serial, Shamin Mannan is playing the role of Koyal, who is a neighbor of Ram and Dulari and his heart is on Ram. The story is of a wife (Dulari) who is very beautiful and smart and is always alert to protect her husband Ram from evil eyes. In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, Dulari means that Jyoti Sharma said about her character, that “This Dulari is very sweet. She speaks very sweetly, is innovative. She would make people her own very soon Is. She does not judge anyone. Just as the world judges someone by watching or reading, Dulari does not. She believes that when the person in front of her does something wrong in front of her eyes, then she will judge him.

How is Dulari’s character?

Dulari loves her husband very much. For her, her husband Ram is her world. Dulari is his world even for Ram. They have a world of their own. Ram wants such a woman like every woman. As much as Ram spends his life on his love, every woman wants that her husband or boyfriend should love us as much as Ram loves us. The person who is loving knows this, that’s why she keeps trying different tips to protect her Ram from the eyes of those women. And watching these tips is going to be very interesting. Dulari’s brother Kite has given this recipe book and said that Didi try these tips and save her husband from the evil eyes of women. “

Explaining Dulari’s tips, Jyoti said, “There are very unusual tips in that book. Like, ‘Listen sister-take you to join your husband’s office, sari secretaries will be offline.’ Or ‘Listen sister – speak to your husband and get your hands on Ram only loves Dulari’ or ‘Listen sister – feed your husband with a filling of onions and garlic so that no woman wanders around’. You are going to be laughed after listening to it. Many women of the country have also sent us many unusual tips which are very amazing and interesting. ” 

Jyoti Sharma appeared in Zee TV’s serial Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahin Kahin before this serial. It was a serial romantic drama, in which Tejaswini took several tests to get Prem. But this serial is a comedy drama where Dulari’s outlandish tips will make the audience laugh. He said, “Our show is Dramadei ie Drama Comedy Show. I have said from the beginning that the most difficult genre is comedy. It is very difficult to make people laugh. You can make someone cry, make you angry, love someone You can, but to make someone laugh is a big challenge in itself. Dulari’s character is very challenging for me because in it, along with laughing, Dulari’s innocence, which is trying the prescriptions and gets stuck, Ram would also get upset. So, I think this is a challenging role in itself and I am very happy that I got to play this role. 

How was the shooting taking place in the Corona era?

While Kovid 19 cases are coming out every day on the set of many serials these days, Jyoti Sharma adopts every protection to avoid corona. He said, “Whenever I take an auto or cab, I completely sanitize before sitting in it. I am scared again but on the set I am not scared at all because our production house has made very good arrangements. Before going to the set, we sanitize every person, take their temperature, the whole team follows social distancing, wears masks and face shields. We are taken care of very much. Earlier there was fear but this production That fear got out of working with the house. “


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