A video of Bigg Boss 14 fame Rakhi Sawant is becoming very viral on social media. Rakhi Sawant is seen quite angry in this video. The reason for his anger is due to the breakdown of the chord tied in the back of his blouse. In this video, she is also speaking on the behavior of the artist.

In the beginning of the video, Rakhi Sawant says, “Not even a single blow yet. Look at my blouse. Look how the lanyard is made. Should I work on a safety pin right now? How do I dance? On a safety pin? What do I do?” ? I am an artist, right? You should understand. No. If we go to the stage, I should give such tight and right things to us at once.

Such treatment with artists

Rakhi Sawant further says, “Then people tell us that we do contraverses. We will break the blouse. Tell us. This happens to the artists. It has not hit even a single blow and the chord of my blouse is broken. I Where to go. Look at me, my whole unit is waiting. This is the struggle of the artist. ”

Broken blouse chord during shooting

Actually, Rakhi Sawant was shooting for a song wearing a blouse and a lehenga. Meanwhile, her blouse chord was broken. During the shoot, she was enraged by the chord of the broken blouse. However, those who stitched that lanyard were present on the set. In the video, you can see that the thread of Rakhi Sawant blouse is pulling out its rage.

Watch Rakhi Sawant’s video here

14 lakhs won in Bigg Boss 14

Please tell that Rakhi Sawant entered Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger. After this, she was the only challenger to reach Finale Week. She left by winning 14 lakh rupees before exiting. He entertained the audience a lot.


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