Rakhi Sawant wants to play Sridevi in ​​Nagin's remake, dance on 'Main Teri Dushman' song

Famous Rakhi Sawant continues to entertain her fans even after Bigg Boss for her flirtatious style and impishness. Rakhi keeps sharing her new photos and videos every day on social media for this. Recently, Rakhi Sawant Sridevi’s hit song I have been seen recreating your enemy. This serpent dance of Rakhi is becoming very viral on social media.

Rakhi Sawant became Sridevi

In fact, recently, Rakhi has shared a video on her social media account, in which she is seen dancing as Sridevi on the song ‘Main Teri Dushman’ of Bollywood’s famous actress Sridevi’s famous film ‘Naagin’. Rakhi has copied Sridevi’s moves and expressions in this dance. But he has also put a twist in it.

Actually this song belongs to Sridevi but Rakhi has used a filter in it and fit her face on Sridevi’s face in it. Sharing the video, Rakhi wrote that, I love Sridevi ji, ‘Naagin’ is one of my favorite films. At the same time, fans are making fun of them by watching the video.

Rakhi shared a funny video

Let me tell you that while sharing this video, Rakhi has also asked her fans that, if this film is remade, who should be cast in it? At the same time, fans are giving a lot of reaction to this question of Rakhi. This video of Rakhi is becoming very viral on social media.

Let us tell you that these days Rakhi is very busy with her mother’s treatment, her mother is undergoing treatment for cancer at this time. And she keeps sharing photos and videos for her fans with her mother as well.


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