Rakhi Sawant is getting her mother’s cancer treatment after exiting Bigg Boss 14. At the same time, Rakhi is getting support of many celebrities along with fans in this difficult time. Rakhi has also thanked Salman Khan for help through social media and paparazzi many times . Rakhi had revealed on Bigg Boss that she would spend 14 lakh rupees on the show in her mother’s treatment. Rakhi is very close to her mother, which she has revealed during an interview. During this, he also told the story of his mother’s struggles.

Rakhi Sawant remains in the headlines due to disputes related to herself. But years ago, a different form of Rakhi was seen on Rajiv Khandelwal’s talk show Juzz Baatt. In this interview, he told about the problems that came from his personal life to his career. During this, Rakhi had also narrated the story of her mother’s struggles, telling her that she had tears in her eyes. He had told that in the circumstances of poverty, when he did not even have food to eat, his mother worked in a sanitation in a hospital.

Rakhi told that ‘my mother had come to the hospital, who used to clean the mess of patients … hardly got food’. Rakhi Sawant told in this interview that ‘When I was in my mother’s stomach, she used to cook on brick stones. My mother says that when we were young, we used to eat food by picking up the food that the neighbors threw. Rakhi says- ‘My mother came and my father was constable in Mumbai Police … I did not tell this to anyone’.

Rakhi also told in this interview how her maternal uncle used to beat her. Rakhi told that when he started dancing, his maternal uncle would come and beat him. He said ‘whether there is food or not in my family, but do not let the girl dance. I have beaten a lot, there are stitches all over my body ‘. Rakhi said that I have come in the industry with my hard work.


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