The treatment of Jaya Sawant, mother of Bigg Boss 14 fame and actress Rakhi Sawant, has been successful. Rakhi wept in front of the media while giving her mother’s health updates. Rakhi’s mother had been suffering from cancerous tumors for the past several months. During this time he had to undergo several surgeries but one day he had his last and travel surgery.


After this, Rakhi was seen bowing her head in front of the media. During this, he thanked and thanked actor Salman Khan and his brother and actor Sohail Khan for their help in times of need. Rakhi Sawant came to the media of the successful operation and also shared a video on her social media account.


Paparaji Viral Bhaiyani has also shared a video of Rakhi Sawant. In this video, Rakhi Sawant says, “Salman bhai, you have saved my mother. I don’t want anything in life, I want my mother.” Rakhi expressed gratitude by taking the names of Salman and Sohail several times. He also said that Salman Khan helped him by getting treatment from India’s best cancer specialist.


Watch this video of Rakhi Sawant here


Angel and Christ told Salman


Rakhi also said that her mother is now free from cancer. He also called Salman ‘Angel’ and ‘Christ’ and thanked both of them for sitting and bowing their heads. Earlier, he also shared a video on his social media account. In this video, he showed the tumor and treatment doctor taken from his mother.


See here his mother goes for the operation

Doctor and fans expressed gratitude


Rakhi also thanked the doctor who treated the video. In this caption, he wrote, “Thanks to all my fans !! Thanks to Salman Khan !! Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Sharma and Dr. Chopra. Thanks to all our fans. The operation was successful.”


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