Rakhi Sawant Mother Jaya Sawant Catwalk Video Viral

Rakhi Sawant shared a video two days ago that her mother’s cancer treatment has become successful. He also had a glimpse of the tumor taken out by the doctors. After this, many of her pictures also went viral on social media, in which she wept while expressing gratitude to Salman Khan and Sohail Khan for helping in the treatment of mother Jaya Sawant.


Rakhi Sawant’s mother was kept in the ICU for monitoring after the operation. Rakhi Sawant has now shared another video. In this video, his mother is coming out of the ICU. He also has a doctor with him. She is walking slowly in a long gallery. Rakhi has described it as ‘catwalk’ of her mother.


Mother’s catwalk


Sharing this video, Rakhi Sawant wrote, “Mother’s catwalk and hospital.” Along with this, he has also shared a glowing and loving emoji in his eyes. Please tell that Rakhi’s mother was suffering from cancerous tumor for the last several months. During this time she had to undergo several surgeries but now she has had successful surgery and she is recovering.


Watch Jaya Sawant’s ‘catwalk’ video here-

Salman Khan told ‘Christ’


After the successful surgery of Rakhi Maa, she said that her mother is now free from cancer. He also called Salman ‘Angel’ and ‘Christ’ and thanked both of them for sitting and bowing their heads. Earlier, he also shared a video on his social media account. In this video, he showed the tumor and treatment doctor taken from his mother.


Rakhi expressed gratitude to the doctor and fans Rakhi also thanked the doctor who treated the video. In this caption, he wrote, “Thanks to all my fans !! Thanks to Salman Khan !! Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Sharma and Dr. Chopra. Thanks to all our fans. The operation was successful.”


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