A video of actress Rakhi Sawant leading up to the finale week of Bigg Boss 14 is becoming quite viral on social media. In this video, Aamir is seen praying for Khan. She is also appealing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Aamir Khan got infected with the Corona virus a day ago. Rakhi Sawant is nervous about this.

Aamir Khan’s team issued a statement on Wednesday informing him that he was corona positive and when Paparaji informed Rakhi Sawant outside a gym, she was shocked. He wished Aamir to get well soon and described it as very scary. This video of Rakhi is becoming viral on social media.

Dua for Aamir

In this video you can see that a paparazzi is seeking feedback from Rakhi Sawant on Aamir Khan being Corona positive. Rakhi sits in her car and says, “Oh God, really? I will get into a lot of trouble. It is very scary. Aamir ji love u. Aamir ji miss u. I am very tense. Aamir ji for you I will pray very much. ”

Watch the full video of Rakhi Sawant here

Appeal to Modi ji

Rakhi Sawant further says, “Aamir ji, you are my favorite and I will pray for you. The corona will disappear from your body. Modi ji please get Aamir ji to get the instant vaccine. He will be fine because he is the Kohinoor diamond of our country.” Huh.” In this video, you can see that Rakhi Sawant is wearing a mask with black shorts and neon pink jacket.

Netizens trolled

With the video going viral, netizens started trolling Rakhi. People say that they have overreacted about Aamir’s health. One wrote, “This is too much.” Another user wrote, “Over reacting.” The third user wrote, “Aamir Khan will not even laugh after seeing this.” However, some users have also praised him for this sentiment.


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