Rakhi sawant became emotional after seeing the condition of her mother being treated for cancer
Rakhi Sawant has started taking care of her mother completely after coming out of Bigg Boss. Along with this, he also thanked Salman Khan and his brother and Sohail Khan for the help given to the mother’s treatment. Rakhi shared the photo of her mother, it was seen that Jaya Sawant has lost all her hair due to chemotherapy.
My mother loved to decorate,
while now Rakhi has shared the experience of seeing her mother in this condition, Rakhi told with a very emotional heart that her mother is very fond of dressing, makeup and wearing a new sari. But now his condition is not such that he can do all this. Rakhi said that when I came out after doing Bigg Boss, I was shocked to see my mother in such condition. When I came out, I saw her losing weight, she had lost her hair. She was undergoing chemotherapy.
Even if I die for my mother,
Rakhi remembers her old days ahead and says that she was only my mother who always supported me if I wanted to become an actress. My maternal uncle, father used to kill me but my mother always supported me. He always told me that I cannot make a career in Gujarati films, you go ahead, I am with you. She used to fast for me. We had no money to pay the rent of the house. Then she fights for us and I think it will be less if I give my life for my mother too. At the same time, Rakhi also said that, Salman and Sohail Bhai gave me a lot of support and helped me in the hospital expenses because I had gone bankrupt before the lockdown.


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