Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday announced in his budget speech that more than 50000 posts will be recruited in the next two years to provide employment opportunities to the youth of the state. He has made an important announcement for the youth preparing for government job. He said that similar eligibility test will be started in the state for the posts with equal eligibility like Gramsevak, Patwari and Ministry Employee. After the implementation of the uniform examination scheme, unemployed people will get relief from application in different recruitment of one eligibility. This will not only benefit them financially, but recruitment can also be completed quickly. Apart from this, by announcing the implementation of One Time Police Verification System, the unemployed have been given another relief.

He also said that the journey in roadways buses will be free for the candidates going for competitive examination.

The Chief Minister said that the unemployment allowance currently payable to the youth will be increased to 1000. Earlier, 1.60 lakh youth were benefited by paying Rs 650 crore, now two lakh youth will get the benefit of this scheme. He said that Rajiv Gandhi Youth Corps will be formed in the state in which 2500 Rajiv Gandhi Youth Friends will be selected.

He said that the government will start a ‘back to school’ program for student students under this, free of charge school uniforms and supplementary text books for class 6 to 8 students of all state schools of the state will be provided free of charge.


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