Expectations of unemployed in the state are tied to the budget presented by Gehlot government. Please tell that, more than 50 thousand new recruits have been announced in this budget. At the same time, there is a relief news for the candidates who wish to become teachers, because there will be recruitment for about 19 thousand posts in the Education Department alone.

The state budget (2021-22) presented by the government in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday will create new employment opportunities. In this link, 50 thousand new recruitments are proposed, as well as the announcement of implementation of the same examination scheme for exams of equal eligibility. After its implementation, the unemployed will get relief from application in different recruitment of one eligibility. This will not only benefit them financially, but recruitment can also be completed quickly.

The Chief Minister informed in the budget session that, Rajiv Gandhi Youth Corps will be formed. For this, 2500 Rajiv Gandhi young friends will be selected from across the state. It will be the responsibility of these friends that they will work to make the government’s schemes accessible to the public and the problems to the government. In the state, through the Yuva Sambal Yojana in the state, eligible people will be made employable by giving 3 months training, while these characters will be given internship of 4 hours a day in different departments of the government. Allowance for eligible unemployed will be increased by one thousand rupees. Along with this, the limit of 1.60 lakh will be removed and now it will be reduced to two lakh.

As proposed in the budget, in the next two years more than 50 thousand posts will be filled in many departments.

1. Education Department: 19000
2. Home Department: 8438
3. Medical Department: 5000
4. PHED Department: 3838
5. Forest Department: 1700
6. Agriculture Department: 1674
7. PWD Department: 1538
8. Revenue Department: 11009
. Animal Husbandry Department: 836
10. Ayurveda Department: 890
11. Other Departments: 8000 posts.


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