Raja babu: Rajababu’s Hilarious Humor!: Actors say that the real test is to cultivate humor in Navarasa. Some compare humor to a ‘sword on a sword’. A bit too much of a comedy is supposed to be spicy and awkward. However, some people overdid it, and there were those who acted as if they were impressed. Among such people, no one can forget Rajababu, the laughing stock. It is remarkable that the humor cultivated by him continues to tickle the audience even today!

Rajababu’s real name is Punyamurtula Appalaraju. Raja babu was born on October 20, 1937. He has four younger brothers and five older sisters. Born in Rajahmundry, Rajababu used to entertain people with his antics since childhood. Appalaraju was affectionately known as Raja babu. In the following days, Rajababu acted in plays with that name. He completed the teacher’s course when he was intermediate and excelled in the teaching profession for some time. Even then they used to make plays and impress. On the stage, he gained fame with plays like “Nalgilla Chavidi, Kukkapilla Pandini”.

Garikapati Rajarao, who introduced Jamuna and Allu Ramalingaiah to the industry through his film ‘Puttillu’, once watched a play starring Raja babu. The timing of Rajababu impressed Raja Rao. So he told Rajababu to come to Madras. Thus Rajababu entered Madras. In the beginning, Rajababu spent his time giving tuition. He never hesitated to act even if he was given a bit role in any movie. In 1960, a director named Addala Narayana Rao gave Rajababu an opportunity in his film ‘Samajam’. Later, Rajababu was impressed by acting as Suryakantham’s son in Yntr’s ‘Atmabandhu’. On top of that, he appeared in bit roles in films like ‘Bandipotu, and Manshi Manish’. At that time people like Padmanabham and Chalam were reigning as comedians.

Many thought that it would be difficult for Rajababu to excel among them. But Rajababu, unlike them, created a unique song for himself and started making people laugh. In ‘Paramanandaiah Sishyula Katha’ produced by C. Pullaiah, Rajababu shared his own style with great actors like Padmanabham and Allu Ramalingaiah. Raja babu got good recognition with that movie. After that, Yanter acted opposite Vanishree in his own film ‘Ummadi Biyamiya’. In the play ‘Satisavitri’ in that movie, YTR played the Yamuna, Vanishree played Savitri and Rajababu appeared as Satyavantun. Raja babu and Vanishree duo entertained in the song “Sadivinodikanna Oranna… Madelanna Minna…”. Since then special songs on Rajababu have increased in emphasis.

Rajababu’s humor was a must in the films of all the heroes of that time. The relationship between Shobhan Babu and Rajababu would have been good. They used to call each other ‘brother’. Although all the songs in ‘Illu-Illalu’ were produced by Krishna as the hero, the song “Vinara Suramma Koothuru Moguda…” which was shot on Rajababu and Ramaprabha, gained special popularity at that time. The pair of Rajababu and Ramaprabha on screen has created a lot of laughs in many films. SV Ranga Rao as the grandfather and Rajababu as the grandson in the first film ‘Tatha-Manavadu’ directed by Dasari Narayana Rao. The movie was a great success. Later, films like “Tirupati, Ewariki Vaare Yamuna Teere” were made under Dasari’s direction with Rajababu as the hero. Raja babu also acted as a hero in films like ‘Pichhodi Pelli, and Manish Rohadana Alada’. Raja babu produced films under the banner ‘Bob and Bob Creations’. Among the films made under this banner, ‘Evariki Vaare Yamuna Teere’ was a good success, while ‘Manishi Roadana Aalada’ was not so impressive. In the movie ‘Radhamma Pelli’, Rajababu and Ramaprabha himself sang the song “Kakinada Revu Kada Odekki…”. Apart from that, Rajababu himself has voiced in some of the songs.

At that time there were no Nandi awards for comedians. However, many cultural organizations have conferred awards in honor of Rajababu’s humor. Raja babu has the honor of receiving the Madras Andhra Club Rolling Shield for five consecutive years. He and Mahakavi Sri Sri Todallulu. Rajababu Ardhangi Lakshmi Ammulu’s sister to Sri Sri’s wife Saroj. Also, singer Ramola is also the sibling of Rajababu’s wife. Rajababu has two sons Nagendrababu and Mahesh Babu. Settled in America. Among Rajababu’s brothers, Chittibabu and Anant both excelled as comedians. In those days, Rajababu, who became a star comedian, gave land in Danavai Peta to the sanitation workers in Sontavuru Rajahmundry. Also donated to many educational institutions. A junior college was also built in his name at Korukonda. Raja babu, who always made those around him smile and laugh, passed away on February 14, 1983, in Hyderabad. His position has not been filled to date. Rajababu’s humor remains in the minds of Telugu people.


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