Amidst growing cases of corona virus infection in Chhattisgarh, several restrictions have been imposed in the capital Raipur. The district administration has imposed section 144 on the occasion of Holi. This decision has come into effect since Thursday. Apart from this, the entry of people in tourism spots has also been banned. Apart from this, religious, social, political and other programs have also been banned. Apart from this, a 7-day quarantine period has been made mandatory for people coming to Raipur from other states. Not only this, Holika Dahan has also instructed not to gather crowds.

According to the order issued by the district administration, no more than 5 people can be present at one place in Holika Dahan and any other festival related event. A complete ban on Holi Milan’s events and public gathering has been ordered. A person coming by any means including train, flight or road from another state will have to stay at home quarantine for 7 days. No more than 50 people will be allowed to attend events like Shaadi, Last Sankar. Apart from this, it is mandatory to follow the guidelines like wearing masks, social distancing.

The order issued by the administration said, “All types of religious, cultural, political and sports programs will be completely banned.” No such event can be organized in which people should be mobilized. Religious places will be open, but only worship will be allowed in person, but gathering of crowds or organizing an event will not be allowed. ‘ Let us know that Chhattisgarh, including Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala is one of the states where corona cases are coming up fast.


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