Rahul's answer to BJP:Congress leader said - I am not afraid of Modi, I am a patriot; They can shoot me but can't touch

BJP president JP Nadda had said that Rahul Gandhi is distracting the attention of farmers. Rahul answered this in a press conference on Tuesday. Rahul said, “I am not afraid of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am a clean man. They can shoot me but cannot touch me. I am a patriot and will protect my country. Nobody will support me even then I am alone I will keep on fighting. This is my religion. “

Rahul also released a booklet highlighting the shortcomings in agricultural laws. He said that new agricultural laws have been prepared to ruin the country’s agricultural system.

Important points of Rahul’s press conference

1. Agriculture sector will go into the hands of 3-4 crony capitalists
Rahul said- Due to new agricultural laws, the entire agriculture sector will go into the hands of 3-4 crony capitalists. I support the peasant movement. Everyone should support them, because they are fighting for us.

2. Government wants to mislead the country
Congress leader said – today tragedy is happening in the country. The government wants to mislead the country by ignoring all issues. I am not just talking about farmers. This issue is only part of the tragedy. This is important for the youth. It is not a question of the present, but of your future.

3. The country can see the reality
of the Supreme Court, on the committee made by the Supreme Court to talk to the farmers, Rahul said – I will not comment on the Supreme Court. The country can see the reality of the Supreme Court.

4. If India does not create a strategy, China will harm
China. China’s strategy is clear for the world, India is not included in this. India did not form a strategy in this regard. Have tested China twice. Once in Doklam and the other time in Ladakh. If India did not give a clear message to China, did not create a strategy related to military and economy, China would not sit silent, but would take maximum advantage of it. On the day that happened, we will suffer loss.

5 questions to the Rahul of Nadda, Rahul
had told in the morning that he would hold a press conference on the agricultural laws. After this, BJP President JP Nadda targeted Rahul. He had asked 5 questions to Rahul through social media.

1. When will Rahul, his dynasty and Congress stop lying on China?
2. Thousands of kilometers of land, including a part of Arunachal Pradesh, was gifted to China by none other than Pandit Nehru, can Rahul deny it?
3. Why does Congress surrender to China?
4. Does Rahul intend to cancel Congress’s MoU with China and the Communist Party there?
5. Does Rahul want to return the donations from his family trust to China?


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