Rahul Vaidya prepared a special dish for Lady Love Disha Parmar, shared this special video.

After nearly five months in Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya came out as the runner-up. After leaving, he went on vacation with his girlfriend Disha Parmar. Even after enjoying the vacation, both are spending time together. Rahul is looking after the direction a lot. Rahul has recently shared a video on Instagram.
In this video, Rahul is making a dish for his lady love direction Parmar. In this video, he told that this dish was taught to him by his friend Ali Goli. The name of this dish is caramelized egg and it also contains sugar. Rahul said that it is fryed lightly. By making this dish, Rahul tells his memories and learning related to the Bigg Boss house.
Watch Rahul Vaidya’s video here

Ali taught to make
this dish, recording this video Disha Parmar. Rahul says in this video that if he lived a month more in the house of Bigg Boss 14 then he would have become a very good cook. Ali taught him this dish in Bigg Boss 14’s house, while Rakhi Sawant also taught him how to cook a dish. Rahul also told that his special friend’s girlfriend Jasmine Bhasin has taught him to make dough. In addition
to the breakfast dish for Ladylove,
Rahul says that he makes tea very good. Disha Parmar also agrees. In the last dish is prepared and they give direction to eat. Sharing this video, Rahul Vaidya writes, “A special breakfast dish for my lady love. If you make this dish too, then tell me.”
Ali is also missing tea made by Rahul’s hand
At the same time, after watching this video, Ali Goni also commented on it and said that he is missing the tea made by Rahul’s hand. Ali Goni wrote, “How long is it to drink your hand tea … hahaha”


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