Rahul Gandhi's target on PM Modi said, Agriculture is the only business which is related to 'Bharat Mata'

Wayanad: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi joined a tractor rally in his constituency on Monday to express solidarity with farmers agitating against agricultural laws. On this occasion, he said that agriculture is the only business which is related to ‘Bharat Mata’.

He called upon the people to ‘force’ the government to withdraw the three agricultural laws which have been implemented by the BJP-led Central Government. Addressing a public meeting organized after a six-kilometer long tractor rally between Thrikkipatta to Muttil in Wayanad district, Rahul said, “The whole world can see the problems of Indian farmers but Delhi government is unable to understand the pain of farmers.” ‘

Rahul accuses BJP of ruining agricultural system

He said, “We have pop stars who are commenting on the situation of Indian farmers but the Indian government is not interested in it.” They will not withdraw all the three laws unless they (the government) are forced to do it. Made to give to friends.

He said that agriculture is the largest business in the country with 40 lakh crore rupees and crores of Indians are associated with it. The Congress leader said, “Agriculture is the only business that belongs to ‘Bharat Mata’ and some people want to capture this business.”


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