Rahul Gandhi's target on PM Modi said, Agriculture is the only business which is related to 'Bharat Mata'

Rahul Gandhi: Does Anyone Believe That He Is 52 Years Old, What A Fitness Boss, Can You Give Me Tips..?: Even the young leaders of the Congress party are unable to compete with 52-year-old Rahul. Netizens are surprised by his fitness. Some people want to give us tips boss.

Rahul’s fitness mantra..! It is now a hot topic in the country..! With 52-year-old Rahul’s walk, even 25-year-old youths are unable to compete. Rahul Gandhi’s fitness is surprising not only the party leaders but the whole country. So what is Rahul’s fitness mantra?

– In Bharat Jodo Yatra.. Rahul’s physical fitness is surprising the whole country..

-Average.. 25-30 km per day. Wash without getting tired..

– The trip was very enthusiastic carrying small children on his shoulders..

– In between.. push-ups, running challenges.

-In 10 seconds.. 14 push-ups

-Fishing with fishermen in the river…about an hour

Rahul climbed the 80 feet water tank.

-Party leaders who are unable to compete with Rahul.

Rahul Gandhi’s march is going strong. Young, old, rich, and poor meet everyone and fill them with enthusiasm. Even though days are passing since the start of the trip.. Rahul is not going back anywhere. He is not facing any health problems. Day by day.. with double enthusiasm.. they are rushing into the people. How much.. with the 52-year-old Rahul’s walk.. even 25-year-old youths are unable to compete. Some of the old leaders, of them are of the same age, but they are not able to keep pace with Rahul. With this… 52-year-old Rahul Gandhi’s fitness… not only the party leaders… is surprising the entire country.

During Bharat Jodo Yatra in Kerala.. Rahul Gandhi.. Swimming in the sea for about an hour in Nadisandra impressed everyone. Rahul took a big adventure to find out the fishing problems of the fishermen in Kollam. They went in a boat and tried to fish with the fishermen. After that, he suddenly jumped from the boat into the sea.. in competition with the fishermen.. swimming for an hour, surprising everyone.

Rahul Gandhi’s acceptance of the push-ups challenge during his trip to Karnataka has gone viral. Jodo doing push-ups with a boy impressed everyone. Soon, Karnataka Congress chief DK Sivakumar along with party general secretary KC Venugopal joined him in doing some push-ups. Rahul Gandhi anchored others while doing pushups. But the leaders could not compete with Rahul. Needless to say, Rahul is very fit from the past as well, not just now. A few days ago, Rahul, who accepted the challenge of a student in a school in Tamil Nadu, impressed everyone by doing 14 push-ups.

In Karnataka, Rahul’s climb to the top of an 80 feet water tank in a village surprised everyone. He saluted the people there by waving the national flag. Rahul Gandhi is showing off his fitness more in this walk. However.. even at 52 years.. without any problems… as he is doing padayatra with such enthusiasm and cheerfulness.. now Rahul’s fitness mantra.. has become a topic of discussion across the country. In Telangana too, they jumped enthusiastically in the running race with the children.

The food committee has carefully planned Rahul’s diet for Bharat Jodo Yatra. Rahul is touring 12 states. With morning tea and biscuits. Rahul Gandhi is starting his padayatra. After that, they walk for an hour. Tiffin is taken three hours after the start of the trek. Currently, the food committee has included idli, upma, masala dosa, and vada in the daily routine as part of tiffin. And for proteins, she has planned a diet schedule in veg and non-veg combination. Sea food is a must for lunch… Along with fish, any vegetable is definitely on the menu.

-Rahul has light food or fruits in the evening

– Receiving refreshments at night. Chapati, in which paneer curry is preferred

-Frequent juices of various types in the afternoon without dehydrating

-Avoid fatty foods and fattening foods

Rahul’s journey which started in Tamil Nadu reached Maharashtra via Kerala, Karnataka, AP, Telangana.. Then it will continue to Jammu and Kashmir via Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana. Rahul will end his yatra after 150 days with a huge public meeting in Srinagar. Rahul Gandhi will cover a total of 3570 kilometers on foot. But… Rahul’s ongoing fitness is being praised all over the country.


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