For cricketer Pat Cummins who helped the country in this bad time, Rahul Bose tweeted a tweet on his Twitter account on Monday and wrote that, without throwing a single ball, one can reach the top in the rankings. @ patcummins30 Salute. This tweet of Rahul is becoming very fast. And the fans are also reacting fiercely to this.

Pat posted on Twitter

At the same time, before this, Pat had made a tweet announcing that, he has donated something to meet the lack of oxygen. Pat wrote that India is the country that I love the most. The people here are very kind. And I can not see them unhappy.

Is it right to have IPL right now ?

Next to this, while talking about IPL, he said that, where the situation is so bad in the country, is it right to get IPL done at this time? But in this case I am advised that the IPL is going on so that people can enjoy a few hours of pleasure and relief every day in these difficult times. Also, he also said that, I have contributed to the PM Cars Fund to buy oxygen supplies for hospitals in India. And I request my fellow IPL players to do the same. People whose hearts have touched India, they must help them at this time, I have donated 50, 000 dollars for this.

I will make people aware for help

He wrote that, I hope that with this public appeal we can include our feelings in all those works which will bring light in the lives of the people. I know that my donation is not in the grand scheme of things, but I hope that it will make a difference to someone.



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