Reveal of AR Rahman - Group working against me, not much work

Rahman: In Ponniyin Selvan I Was Told That I Can Do The Character Of My Choice, The Reply Was This: Rahman is an actor who has acted in many films in different languages. He also played a prominent role in Ponniyin Selvan, which crossed the box office collections. Rahman played the role of Madhurantaka Uttama Cholan in the film.

The actor is talking about acting in Ponniyin Selvan. Sun. T. Rahman said that a Tamil director had approached him years ago for the serial Ponniyin Selvan, which was to be produced by V. Rahman also said that Karthi played the role he was interested in playing in Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan.

Rahman also said that he had to give it up due to the problem of budget. The actor spoke about Ponniyin Selven in an interview given to Cannes Channel Media.


“Ponniyin considers himself fortunate to be able to come to Selvan. It was all due to the long waiting and my prayers. Because I have not yet approached him and asked for a chance. I had the desire to play a role in this film.

I have a flashback behind the making of this film. About twenty years ago, after my wedding, I was approached by a Tamil director named Madhubala. It was for a serial. But I said that I was not interested because it was the time to do hero roles in movies.

But when I was told that Sun.TV is the production, I was ready to listen to the story. Because of that day Sun. TV is a big event. I asked them about the subject before agreeing. Four big books were brought in front of me. That was the first time I studied Ponniyin Selvan.


I was interested when I read it. When I was asked which character I want to play, I was told that I can do any character I like. That is the time when Ramayana and Mahabharata go well. They wanted to do a serial like that.

In my mind, I wanted to play the role of Vanthiyathevan. Now in Ponni, Selvan is the character played by Karthi in the movie. Later I was told that it was a role that big stars like MGR wanted to play. He said that they were unable to do so.

I also had high hopes. But that too did not take off like this. Due to the problem of budget and various reasons, it did not go ahead. I was sad afterward. A third volume was forthcoming.


And when Mani sir announced the movie, I felt a little sad. Because when the movie was announced, the names of two or three people were already announced. So I thought that I will never be called again.

Then I got a call and asked to meet Mani sir. He told me about this character. Madhurantaka told me all the definitions of my character Utama Chozhan. At first, I was told that the story was about him.

He said that many people misunderstood the character. It was only later that I came to know that this is the history of Tamils ​​and not fiction. “There is a little truth and a lot of lies in the film,” Rahman said.


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