Recently, the first song of Salman Khan’s new film Radhe was released in CT, where Disha Patani appeared. The song fans loved it and now the second song of the film is going to be released. In which, instead of direction, the chemistry of Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan will be seen. This song will be released on April 30 i.e. tomorrow, but before the release, a small glimpse of this song is shown in which you are sure to be injured by watching Jacqueline’s moves.

Jacqueline’s look has dominated social media

The song has not been released yet, but the film’s hero Salman Khan has seen the glimpse of this song on his Instagram account, fans have been shocked because such avatar of Jacqueline Fernandez has not been seen before. Jacqueline looks very beautiful in this song and her dance moves are even more spectacular.

Salman’s Radhe is going to be released on May 13

Salman Khan gives a special gift to his fans every Eid. However, this could not be possible due to the lockdown last year. But this time Salman will not disappoint the fans at all. This is why Radhe is being released on this Eid. The film is going to be released simultaneously on theaters, OTT platform G5 on 13 May. Currently theaters are closed and if this ban is extended then the film will be released only on OTT. Fans are very keen about this film. After which, Disha Patni is going to be seen once again with Salman Khan after India. Radhe Korean is a remake of the film. Which was a super hit.


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