RadhaKrishn 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Krishna maintains describing Maa Durga’s tale and says there may be involvement of maa Durga in Ravan’s stop and is going into flashback wherein Vibhishan meets Ram. Ram says he’s not able to defeat Ravan despite Bali and Hanuman in his team. Vibhishan says he can’t as Ravan is Praying Maa Parvati, so he have to pray Maa Durga. Ram thank you him and thinks he’ll win the conflict after making maa Durga satisfied. Out of flashback, Nishant and others say they’ll prays maa Durga and make her satisfied. Sam seeing Jara looking to depart thinks he’ll now no longer permit Jara go. He follows Jara and asks if he’s breaking his promise and leaving silently. Jara says permit him go. Sam stops him and asks him to get some thing he desires to through praying maa Durga. Jara concurs.

Radha is busy drawing rangoli while Krishna joins her. He applies shadeation on her face. she runs at the back of hm. He holds her, and she or he smiles. He says he’s grateful to maa Durga that she back his smiling Radha. They preserve to mess around romantically. In the evening, Radha Krishna carry out maa Durga’s pooja and display aarti to everyone. Jara says Krishna gave him a lot appreciate and saved him in his palace, he didn’t realize approximately shakti pooja earlier than coming here, so he desires to live returned and carry out shakti pooja with them. Krishna asks Radha’s opinion. Radha says his scholar can live returned for pooja. Krishna thinks why Radha doesn’t appearance anxious this time. Jara says he desires to carry out pooja like Ram.

Krishna maintains tale and is going into flashback wherein Ram plays maa Durga’s pooja. Vibhishan says he organized the entirety for pooja besides neel kamal/blue lotus and he could make maa Durga satisfied through filing 108 neel kamal. Ram says its very hard to locate 108 not often to be had neel kamal. Vibishan says he can get them through his arrows. Rama concurs and shoots arrows in lake. Arrows go back with 108 neel kamal.

Vibishan asks Ram to publish them maa Durga and get her blessings. Out of flashback, Nishant says sri Ram did a super activity of having 108 neel kamal. Krishna asks Jara to carry 108 neel kamal for pooja. Jara says he’ll strive for positive and leaves. Sam thinks idiot Jara shouldn’t have agreed, now he has to do something. Sam meets rishi Shukracharya and informs him approximately Jara accepting to carry 108 neel kamal asks him to get 108 neel kamal for him. Shukracharya says neel kamal is a natural flower and best a natural soul can get it. Sam says even Shukracharya is natural souled. Shukracharya says he has revenge in his thoughts and therefore impure.

Sam walks to Radha and requests to shop Dwarka’s dignity as Jara did not acquire 108 neel kamal and therefore is going. Radha asks how can he go. Sam says Krishna doesn’t need Jara in palace, therefore he gave a difficult assignment to Jara. Radha falls for his trick once more and is going to talk to Krishna. Sam thinks Radha’s love can be the motive for Krishna’s stop.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna if he can carry neel kamal for her sake. Krishna says her desire is order for him and receives neel kamal. Mahadev thinks now Jara will ask some thing Sam asks him to.


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